More on Disease and Healing – And Why Most Medicines and “Natural” Remedies are Worthless

If you understand that the germ theory is nothing more than a profitable lie, a scare tactic to push the ludicrous idea that you can catch an illness such as a cold or the flu, then you should also understand that the entire concept of transmittable diseases is false. You do not “catch” a disease, you only experience symptoms from the process of eliminating toxins and healing your body – which is done by proteins, bacteria, parasites, and fungi.
In other words, you are not sick from a germ or a “virus”, you are experiencing symptoms from what your body is getting rid of.
And if there is no disease to catch, there cannot really be a remedy or cure for it, can it? Let’s explore what really happen in our bodies when we feel “sick.”

When cells are damaged by toxins, your body produce globulins to repair them. These globulins are what the Modern Medicine call “antibodies,” which is another fraud. There is no “invading” and “attacking” boogeyman that need to be killed, so we have no “immune system” to fight back with. That is part of the scare mongering tactic of the false germ theory.
Globulins are simply “sealing” proteins that assist the restoration and healing of ectodermal tissue such as the skin, nasal membrane, bronchi, or the cervix.
This is why you see a rise in globulins (antibodies) when you experience symptoms and your body is healing, or when you get a toxic vaccine injected into you for no reason at all. The globulins are there to repair and heal the damage from the shot, it has absolutely nothing to do with increasing “immunity” against something that does not exist.
Now, globulins can only attach to cells and do their job if the area is acidic. An acidic environment is also ideal for fungi and mycobacteria and their job is to consume malfunctioning cells, as in tumors, and exclusively on organs and tissue that originates from the brain stem. Actually, fungi and mycobacteria are the only natural “micro-surgeons” that can survive in the natural acidic environments of the gastrointestinal tract and in the lungs where carbon acid is excreted.

This take us to the first misconception about healing and that the body need to be alkaline. Trying to “alkalize” the body will temporarily hamper or even stop the cleaning and healing process, which will of course make the symptoms from it go away, fooling you into believing that the “remedy” works since you feel better. This fallacy come from the observation that sick people are “acidic” in the affected tissues, and “scientists” wrongly assumed that it was one of the causes of disease. Just as with bacteria, that are there to clean up and heal you, the acidic environment was created for the same effect – to assist in healing.

I touched on this in my article, “Loss of Taste, Smell, Appetite, and Vomiting – All Natural Symptoms of Healing. And Why You Cannot Cure a Disease.
Yes, that’s a mouthful for a headline, but that last part is very important! Since “disease” is described as something transmitted, your body being invaded by germs or viruses, which does not exist, that also means that “diseases” does not exist. Your body can be compromised, or “sick”, by nutrition deficiencies, by toxins and disrupting chemicals, by heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, by radiation, and by mental traumas, mental conflicts, from psychological and emotional stress, and from stressful and negative emotions such as fear or anger. Of these, nutritional deficiencies are the cornerstone of “sickness,” since a malnourished body can not function properly and the natural daily detoxification processes will be hampered, leading to a quicker accumulation of toxins.

What you experience as symptoms are from the removal of these toxins, from the healing and repair of cells, and from the breakdown and discharge of damaged and dead cells, as well as the toxins that need to be expelled. You feel sick during this process and the symptoms correlates to the areas that need to be purged and healed. You do not feel sick because you caught a disease, you feel sick because you are healing from the damage you have accumulated!

Now, you need to understand that any kind of substance or naturally occurring chemical that does not nourish us, is a potential toxin. While all manufactured drugs and medicines are toxic and made to remove/block symptoms, they do so by hampering or completely stop the natural detoxification and healing process. However, this is true for most occurring “natural remedies” from plants and herbs as well. Most of them are directly poisonous. They interfere with enzymatic processes and shut down the detoxification process, lessen the symptoms from that process, making you feel better. Heck, some even stimulates your central nervous system and/or brain, making you feel energized or euphoric, which is very counterproductive when you need to rest and reserve your energy for bodily functions and the healing process.

The same is true for any natural “antibiotic”, such as garlic, onions or colloidal silver. Garlic and onions contain a lot of saponins, a detergent which actually break down your cell membranes, not good at all. And their antimicrobial chemicals kill the bacteria that is helping you clean out toxins and damaged cells. Once again, hindering the natural healing process, but relieving you of its symptoms, fooling you into believing that you get better and that the remedies “work.”
Any kind of antibiotic or antimicrobial should only be used if the toxic load is so high and the body is so weak that the bacteria itself becomes sick, and the body is too weak to expel it. In other words when severe life-threatening infections take place. We’ll touch on that in a bit.

While bacteria will help with removing some toxins and consuming dying and dead cells, we also have parasites that are extremely good at consuming heavy metals and similar toxins. All of us have parasites in various amounts as they help to clean our terrain. Parasites can only become problematic in really unhealthy people, as some parasites can accumulate heavy metals at extremely high concentrations. And if your body can’t flush them out as it normally does, and they multiply in high numbers, it can become dangerous. This is why drugs such as Ivermectin can be very unhealthy and even lethal. Drugs that kill parasites will disrupt your pancreatic digestive enzymes chymotrypsin and protease, and thus halt the detoxification and healing process. And even worse, it will kill the parasites in your body, and your body will break down the dead parasites and thus re-absorbing all the heavy metals all over again. However, your symptoms from the detoxification process will go away and you’ll think you’re healthy again, when in reality you just poisoned yourself — and laid the foundation to ‘grow’ more parasites once again.
If parasites become dangerous, any kind of enema, laxative, binding agents as charcoal, or something that will help to flush them out without killing them will be of benefit. But killing them will accomplish nothing.

It’s easy to see why there are so many misconceptions about “disease”, remedies and cures. If you feel sick and you take a “remedy” and feel better within hours or a day, it’s no stretch of the imagination to believe that what you took helped you get “better.” In reality however, it interfered with the detoxification and healing process. And as a result, more toxins will accumulate and your body will make a new attempt to rid itself of what is slowly killing you and to heal the damage done. In other words, you will soon get “sick” again. And this vicious cycle is what sooner or later will bring on more severe problems such as kidney or liver failure, heart attacks, strokes, cancers, premature ageing, mental illness and memory loss, and so on.

The only time “remedies” or “medicines” are justified is in very weak and sick individuals that might not survive the detoxification and healing process. For those, you will need to mitigate the process or stop it all together by using something that lowers inflammation (part of the healing process), lower the body temperature (as a too high fever can be dangerous), and perhaps some kind of antibiotic if the bacteria consuming the toxins become sick themselves and the body is too weak to expel them. Then that person will need to change his or her lifestyle. Focusing on nutritious food. Eliminating toxic exposure. Doing short fasts at repeated intervals – in other words, help the body to detoxify and heal in easy intervals.

Always remember that we as living organisms live in harmony with other organisms. That is how nature intended. We do not have to look any further than at nature itself and how bacteria, microorganisms and fungi work together to break down what is not needed. We benefit from each other. It’s symbiosis.

Addition, questions from Facebook:

1. About Rife Machines – electronic devices which generates energy in the form of radio waves to “assist healing.”

My answer:

Such devices could provide benefits to the healing process if you can identify the right frequencies and actually understand what they do, and whether they interfere with something else or not. Also, the operator or the people behind that device need to understand the bigger picture. If they were trained in the germ theory or a mix of other dogmas, it could spell disaster.
Even if you could use a device with radio waves or such to assist in your body’s healing process, the problem still remains – how did you get that sickly in the first place? Some people might even think that if I can heal without hurting my body, I will do that every time I get really sick.
That is a very bad strategy. If you accumulate toxins to such a degree that you have severe detoxifications and other health problems, that will stress your body enormously. It will shorten your lifespan and contribute to even worse problems down the line. And that takes us back to the first question. If you get so sick that you have health problems you need to figure out the cause and fix that – or it will only repeat itself as a vicious cycle.

Most medicines, drugs and remedies will stop the healing process, setting you up for worse health problems. And even if you find a way to assist healing, the main problem remains – the things that are poisoning you, making you sick. That is where your attention needs to go.

2. What about using herbs or plants for healing wounds?

My answer:

If you have a wound some herbs or even crushed plants (as in a paste) might assist wound healing, as plants can absorb some toxic compounds, just as they absorb minerals and other nutrients. Also since they contain a lot of toxic defense chemicals, they might neutralize some toxins and kill some ‘bad’ parasites and bacteria. However, as this might be of help on the outside, as in a wound that has been exposed to dirt, it is the exact opposite on the inside, as in your digestives system – especially if these defense chemicals reach the bloodstream or your organs. You do not want to consume herbs, or any kind of plant, ever. They are extremely toxic to us and will not help in any way other than shutting down symptoms, fooling you that you have become better.

3. Can you help me understand what panic attacks are mainly caused by?

My answer:

For anxiety attacks and the more severe panic attacks we need to look at German New Medicine and the brain scans they have made of the left amygdala, an area in the brain that is important for processing fear. These sorts of attacks are triggered by a strong conflict relapse of any conflict or emotionally distressing event. Conflict tracks is very much like an allergy track that triggers the anxiety or panic attack. A track is something that reminds us of the trauma caused by the original event, anything that makes us relive that and make the body react to protect itself. For example, a boy has a scary experience with a dog near his home, which is a territorial fear conflict and put him in the constellation of bronchial asthma symptoms. He will now be allergic to that dog or any similar dog. Dogs are now tracks. Let’s say the boy is then outside eating an apple and he sees the dog (the track), now the taste and smell of that apple is associated with the dog-track as an extended track, resulting in a new allergy to apples. Now, if the boy happens to sit close to some smelly flowers when this happens, the smell of those flowers will cause another extended track and allergies to those flowers. This way, over time, more and more tracks can be added and programmed into this single original trauma of being scared by the dog.

This is what happens with anxiety attacks or panic attacks. Something, a track, activates the original emotional distressing event or conflict. Often these traumas are from something perceived as life threatening, such as existence conflict (fear for one’s life), starvation conflict, water conflict (like a fish out of water, death-fright experience), territorial loss conflict. This could be waiting for an ambulance when fearing for one’s life, or being in an emergency room with lack of support from doctors or relatives, being afraid of losing one’s livelihood, the loss of a home, the loss of a person who provided security when you needed it most, and so on.

Anything that happens that is similar or reminds the individual of this will cause a reaction. And as I demonstrated with the allergy tracks, new tracks/triggers can be added over time.

The only way to resolve these conflicts and tracks is to understand what is happening and to figure out the main track, the traumatic and emotional event that started it all. And to acknowledge that any extended tracks/triggers activating this reaction are no longer a danger or threat to the individual. That there is no longer any danger and that the body does not need to react in this strong way to keep you from what was perceived as harm/life-threatening.

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