More Young Children Getting Sick (and Dying)? And the Alleged Shedding

As I’ve explained in previous year’s articles, the winter season is always accompanied with more people experiencing symptoms of detoxification, healing and repairing – or as the false modern medicine calls it, “disease” and “illness.”

The reasons are many. The lack of sun exposure, the increase in toxic and damaging comfort foods, stress and biological conflicts due school and work that gets resolved during the holidays, natural detox cycles being triggered by drastic changes in temperature, and so on, and on, as explained in this article:

A Friendly Reminder – People Always get “Sick” During the Winter

Kids are especially vulnerable during this season due to separation conflicts from being put in kindergarten, pre-school and school. Also, the vast majority of parents are brainwashed, dumbed down and extremely irresponsible as they allow their children to be vaccinated against made-up diseases and viruses that does not exist. This idiocy will harm their children for life, not only by the mental trauma of being poked and injected, but also from the poison being injected into their small and vulnerable bodies. That will, of course, make the child sick either shortly after the injection as their body tries to detoxify and heal from the cellular damage, or after a few months when their natural detoxification cycle kicks in.

And that takes me to another point that not many, if any, have discussed. And that is why a lot of unvaccinated children get very sick after their first visits to any kind of daycare or pre-school. The brainwashed Muppet may say it’s because they are not vaccinated, but that is nonsense as you can not be ‘vaccinated’ against imaginary boogeymen that does not exist. One possible reason, and I covered this in my bacteria articles and also my old article about the shedding scam, and that is ‘bacterial overload’ and ‘poisoned bacteria’ that has gone rogue.

As you may be aware, if you’re suddenly being introduced to new strains of bacteria that you, yourself does not have in your body, your system gets overwhelmed and the natural balance of bacteria get temporarily out of whack. Most of us have experienced this from food poisoning, especially if you’ve travelled abroad and tried something new. You simply get an overload of bacteria that you’re not accustomed to, that you do not yet have in your delicate balanced microbiome.

The same thing may happen to a child who is suddenly introduced to a whole new environment, especially as it is full of other kids with different strains of bacteria. The child will experience what is labelled as “cold“ or “flu-like” symptoms as bacteria is flushed out while their body work to get back to ‘homeostasis,’ the natural symbiosis among all the different bacteria that occupies their body.

With that being said, there is another factor that might be responsible for unvaccinated children getting really bad symptoms and at many times comes down with severe infections. This factor might also explain why some young children are dying, and we will get to that later. Also, this might explain parts of the “shedding” hoax, as many adults say that they got “sick” shortly after being among newly vaccinated people.

A vaccine contains a lot of toxic and poisonous substances – based on the idiotic theory to poison you and introduce the alleged “virus” to build “immunity,” another made-up idea, and totally fake, as no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist. It’s simply fraud. And a vaccine is a very unnatural cocktail of damaging substances never seen in nature.

Now, bacteria are the cleaning crew; the garbage men of your body. They assist in the detoxification, the elimination of these substances, and also in the removal of damaged cells (that will occur after being vaccinated.) That also means that there will be an increase in certain types of bacteria needed to break down these specific toxins delivered by the vaccine. A lot of that bacteria will get poisoned by trying to clean up that mess, and thus go rogue and/or simply die and poison you again. That is why some people get a fever as their body produces sealing proteins to repair cells and detergent like proteins to clean up the mess. Thus, a lot of people can experience very bad symptoms as they heal and recover from the shot.

So, what do you think will happen if someone who eats a bad diet, are stressed, and so on come in close contact with these vaccinated people with a very unnatural representation of bacterial strains and poisoned bacteria, as their bodies are fighting the toxins and poisons they’ve been injected with? Yes, if you already are compromised and come in close contact with those bacteria and it overwhelms your system, you’ll get “sick” too. And small children who touch everything and puts anything in their mouths and noses, and who previously have not been exposed to that many strains, and especially not something that unnatural, will get in trouble. Also, since they are more vulnerable, their own bacteria can get poisoned in the process and mutate, leading to bacterial infections and especially respiratory “illness.”

This will also give the illusion of “immunity” among vaccinated children of the same age, as in those who have got the same vaccines, as they are all fighting to expel the same poisons and toxins, hence they have the same overrepresentation of specific bacteria.
However, if any of those vaccinated kids get in contact with another older kid who have received other vaccines which they have not, they will get even sicker, and dangerously so. And keep in mind that if your body is weak and it gets so overwhelmed by poisons and toxins from vaccines and contact with other poisoned bacteria from other vaccinated kids, their detoxification and healing can’t keep up, and that leads to organ damage. And bam! You now have those unnatural “sudden deaths” and strokes in children, something that never happened in history until the last couple of years with all the crazy idiotic vaccinations.

Again, this is not the fault of bacteria. They only do what they are supposed to do. In in a natural environment everything would be fine after a couple of days. But if the bacteria are overwhelmed with a lot toxins and potent poisons, they get “sick” themselves and it turns into bacterial infections. And if you keep adding on top of that, the body get so compromised that organs take damage and death can follow.

As you can clearly see, vaccinated children are not only endangering their own health, but also the health of all other kids, especially those who have received other vaccines. And I dare to bet that if we look at families with small children in different ages that are vaccinated, the younger ones will be much sicker as they are not only fighting their own injections, but also poisoned bacteria from their older siblings who have received other vaccines. The same is true of daycare and pre-school. We will see a lot of “unexplained” deaths among the younger ones, as never seen in history before.

Just food for thought. Discussions and experiences on these matters will be available at our uncensored community

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