Scared? Taking vitamin C? Being a sheeple?

As this mass hysteria about non-existing viruses and fake pandemics sweeps the world, I see a lot of posts about vitamin C and its ‘potential’ to ‘cure’ colds and ‘help’ your immune system against a ‘flu’.
While it seems to help against colds in experiments, taking extra vitamin C is a really, really bad idea. I touched on this in my articles ‘the antioxidant scam’ and ‘more on skin care and the misinformation about Vitamin C’.

First, you need to understand that vitamin C, as found in plant-foods or in chemical supplement form, is simply ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is only one of several compounds that make-up vitamin C; it is not complete vitamin C – just as alpha tocopherol is not complete vitamin E, and retinoic acid is not complete vitamin A. The only complete bioavailable source of vitamin C is found in animal-based foods, such as meat and organ meats.

Second, we only need a tiny amount of vitamin C. That’s why we lost (or never had) the ability to synthesize vitamin C within our bodies. Instead, we have Uric Acid, which is many times more powerful and does everything vitamin C does and more.

Third, if you consume extra vitamin C that isn’t used by the body, it turns into oxalates! Trust me, you don’t want oxalates, as these tiny sharp crystals bind to calcium and end up in most soft tissue, in joints, and in your kidney as kidney stones. Oxalates are found in all leafy green vegetables, avoid them to all cost!

Fourth, vitamin C competes with glucose at the glut-4 receptor, and since glucose metabolism release a lot of free radicals; the more carbohydrates you consume, the more vitamin C and other antioxidants you’ll need. This also means that if you consume useless fruits or juices for the vitamin C content, you will absorb close to nothing as they contain carbohydrates.

Fifth, avoiding getting sick is all about the terrain – how you take care of your body and your psyche. If you have any kind of nutrient deficiency, you will very easily get sick as your body can’t function as it’s designed to do. If you’re stressed, in a constant fight or flight mode, if you’re scared from propaganda and the agendas thrown at you by the media, if your often close to anger, if you are exposed to a lot of pollutants, if you don’t get enough sleep; then your body will compensate by emergency biological programs, and you will experience a lot of different symptoms depending on what it need to do at any given moment – and this is confused with illness or disease.

It’s not a surprise that those who follow our natural animal-based diet almost never get sick. Forget about vitamin C, supplements, and other ‘remedies.’ Get your nutrition dialed in and take a close look at your lifestyle. And yeah, don’t be a sheeple. Turn off the ‘news’ and live your life.

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