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Scared? Taking vitamin C? Being a sheeple?

As this mass hysteria about non-existing viruses and fake pandemics sweeps the world, I see a lot of posts about vitamin C and its ‘potential’ to ‘cure’ colds and ‘help’ your immune system against a ‘flu’.While it seems to help against colds in experiments, taking extra vitamin C is a really, really bad idea. I touched on this in my articles ‘the antioxidant scam’ and ‘more on skin care and the misinformation about Vitamin …

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Know your poison: Oxalates

In our last post, we looked at the dangerous lectins. Another very sinister defense mechanism in plants are oxalates (oxalic acid). The definition of oxalic acid is “a poisonous strong acid (COOH) that occurs in various plants as oxalates and is used especially as a bleaching or cleaning agent and as a chemical intermediate”.Oxalic acid is actually lethal in high doses. There have been a few recorded deaths of oxalate poisoning after overconsuming oxalate-rich …

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