How About Preventing Prostate Cancer Instead?

On April 13, I reviewed an article by T-Nation on ejaculating and the possible effect on testosterone, where they as usual, got several things backwards. To make a long story short, too frequent ejaculations, as in every or every other day could have a small negative impact on testosterone, while actually getting aroused, as in sexually stimulated, temporarily raises testosterone. So, in other words, engaging in sexual activity, or pleasing yourself, as long as you do not ejaculate every single time can be good for your testosterone production.

Today, we return to T-Nation and an article by Chris Shugart as they once again explore the subject of ejaculating and the possible effect on prostate health.

Let’s see what they got and if they understand the science (which even the researchers themselves very seldom does.)

The more often a man ejaculates, the less likely he is to get prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men. It kinda makes intuitive sense. The prostate’s main job is to manufacture the vehicle for sperm. If it’s not doing its job, it gets fat, lazy, and more prone to disease, just like you.”

Speak for yourself, Chris. I’m in my 50’s and my biomarkers are that on a healthy and active 30-year-old.
As for cancer in organs and glands, like the prostate (a gland,) this is always from a build-up of toxins that should not be there, and your body shields them off from the rest of your physiological system and vulnerable tissues by ‘embedding’ them into “tumors.” These toxins are usually from consuming non-species appropriate “food” as in defense chemicals and antinutrients from plants, and from environmental pollution. Usually, your body can detox these chemicals, but if your body is compromised by a bad and lacking non-species appropriate diet and consuming too many meals in a day (no real fasting window,) detoxification will not work as intended and toxins will build up causing this scenario of your body forming tumors as a last desperate measure to keep you alive.
Read more in my articles, ‘My Take on Cancer’ and ‘Cancer is a Natural Survival Mechanism (Early-Stage Cancer Detection).’

The Science of High-Frequency Splooging

Splooging, as in ejaculating with force, making that ‘smacking sound’ as it hits your partner. What a tasteful choice of words. Perhaps Mr. Shugart should cut back on his Hentai Bukkake porn. Anyhow, let’s continue.

  • A recent review found seven studies showing a potential protective effect of frequent ejaculation. And no, it didn’t matter if it was initiated by sex or just taking matters into your own hand.
  • Another study out of Harvard put a number on it: men who went kablooey 21 times per month were about a third less likely to get prostate cancer compared to men who did four to seven times per month.
  • Likewise, an Australian study found that men who ejaculated five to seven times per week were 36% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer compared to men who boom-boomed less than two or three times weekly.

Now, not every study backs up this idea, but most progressive doctors and researchers are leaning toward the “more is better” approach.

Progressive doctors, uh? Well, if you understand the function of the prostate, which you actually mentioned in your preamble, yes it produces the “vehicle for sperm” as in seminal fluid, then you also should understand that you only need to get sexually aroused, as that change in hormones causes the prostate to contract, produce and release the prostatic (seminal) fluid. You know, so if you have intercourse and ejaculate, the sperm will have something to actually swim in, and to nourish them as they try to reach their target. Also, these contractions of the prostate and the arousal causes the Cowper’s glands to produce the lubricating fluid known as Cowper’s fluid or simply ‘precum.’ So, there’s a lot of sexual glands involved and that are working and producing once you get aroused. Still, it’s not necessary to ejaculate, although that will release some of the prostatic/seminal fluids – and thus the prostate will contract very hard for a few seconds.

So, again, sexual stimulation is good, both for your prostate and your testosterone. Ejaculating once in a while is also good, as it will exercise your prostate even further.
With that said, we have not yet approached the main problem, that of prostate cancer, and in what way this may help. So, let’s continue.

Ejaculation might decrease the concentration of crystal-like structures that can accumulate in the prostate and cause tumors. Prostate expert Dr. Daniel Kelly also thinks it may alter the immune response within the prostate by reducing inflammation. The practice may increase immune defense against tumor cells.”

In other words, ejaculating frequently is only a band-aid, a way to keep the prostate from accumulating these “crystal-like” structures. Again, this is a perfect example of the inverted and backwards thinking of “modern science” of the fraud that is “modern medicine.”
If you have any kind of logical thinking skills, any kind of common sense and actually understand how to ask the right questions, you would instead ask how these “crystal-like” structures got there in the first place, and how to avoid them!
Again, not every man gets prostate cancer, but it is quite common. So, what is the difference between those who get this build-up and those who don’t? Is it solely more sex and ejaculating? Of course not! That is only a band-aid.

The answer is quite obvious! All you need to do is avoiding these “crystal-like” structures. And what causes these? Well, we already know that the antinutrient Oxalic Acid, as in ‘oxalates,’ forms to crystal-like structures in our body and that these are the main cause of kidney stones. If you do a quick search on research papers where they have examined kidney stones, you will discover that more than 80% of kidney stones are formed by oxalates, as found in all grains (bread, pasta, oats, cereal,) leafy greens, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and many other vegetables. Also, oxalates can form from metabolic processes such as fructose metabolism, if you for some reason consume that vile sugar. From glycolysis, as in the breakdown of unnecessary glucose to pyruvate. Oxalates can also form from ascorbic acid, if you have been deceived into taking this useless form of what people believe is Vitamin C. As you can see, the common thread here is anything plant-based, including carbohydrates.

Now, if you do the same search for examinations of these “crystal-like” structures found in the prostate, also called “prostate stones,” you will find that they are made of… yes, oxalates!

In other words, if you want to avoid prostate cancer, kidney stones, and other problems related to “crystal-like” structures, as in oxalates, make sure to avoid all kind of plant-based carbohydrate-rich and processed foods. You know, all those awful edibles that is not species-appropriate, that is not for human consumption. And that goes for that bitter and appalling hot bean juice called coffee as well, which is pure bomb of toxins such as oxalates.
Simply ejaculating often might buy you time with your prostate, but these oxalates build-up in most organs, soft tissues, and glands, so the only correct way to keep your body healthy is to avoid them in the first place. Again, simple logic. Use your brains, folks.

“Alternatively, he says, it may lower the activity of the nervous system by reducing psychological tension, “…which then prevents certain prostate cells from dividing too rapidly and increasing the chance of them becoming cancerous.”

Haha, that is some pure pseudo-science bullshit from someone who do not understand cancer, or why your body tries to extend your lifespan by creating tumors. Cells do not divide. Nothing happens by random or by chance in your body. Your body will always do everything it can to protect you. Tumors, in this case in the prostate, are formed to shield off the damage from a poison, as in oxalates. As long as you continue to consume non-species appropriate food that contain oxalates, while you can’t detoxify properly, the build-up will continue, and the tumor/tumors will grow. It’s very simple to understand.

How to Use This Info

Tell your bed-buddy that if she cares about you, she needs to help you facilitate this life-saving form of preventative healthcare… 21 times a month. (Heck, it’s worth a shot.)

Seriously, if you do not have an active and healthy sex life with your partner (if you’re still in love and attracted to each other,) there is something wrong with one or both of you. Probably from consuming the wrong kind of foods, as in plant-based and processed garbage, as you lack energy and have a lowered sexual desire from hormone imbalances. However, that is easy to fix. Just adopt our natural species-specific and carnivorous diet of strictly animal-based foods. And by doing so, not only will you be human again and reverse your biological clock, you will also eliminate the risk of prostate cancer. That’s a win-win!

Of course, T-nation also pushed their totally worthless supplements for “prostate health,” something that actually will do the opposite. All you need to avoid this and be healthy is to actually consume the food that we are meant to consume. It’s as simple as that. And as for exercising and keeping the prostate fit, all you need to do is to have an active sex life and simply ejaculate every now and then, especially if your lady desires it.
Also, the prostate functions as a ‘urethral sphincter,’ as in controlling the flow of urine when you urinate. So, you can exercise your prostate by simply stopping and then releasing urine again as you urinate.

If you feel you’ve done damage to your body and health by being deceived into consuming the typical modern diet, or any kind of retarded “fitness diet,” and you need help to transition into our natural human diet to change your life to the better, I’m available for both coaching and consulting sessions.

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