I Transitioned to Carnivore and Got Worse – Understanding Healing and Detox

This is something I see from time to time in my social media feed from Carnivore groups – and of course, from some feedback from my own clients (who are prepared and understand it) and from our uncensored community at Ungovernable.se. While it’s broad subject, I’ll try to narrow it down and make it as short as possible.

Let’s cover the basics first, and these facts are undisputable. Humans are obligate hyper carnivores. We do best and thrive on the flesh and fat of animals, preferable raw meat and organs (once your digestive system has had some time to heal.) This also means that if we consume anything else, as in anything from plants or anything that is man-made, as in processed foods, we do harm to ourselves. Even worse, if the majority of our diet is from these non-human foods, we will have one or several nutrient deficiencies. We might be overfed from all the garbage, but still malnourished from the lack of actual bioavailable nutrients, the nutrients that are only found in animal-based food.

Being malnourished means that your body is not working optimally, or most of the time not even subpar. While the nutrient deficiencies can cause a lot of ailments, the compromised ability to detoxify and heal is much worse in the long run, as toxic waste will build up inside our bodies and the damage done by antinutrients, defense chemicals, and other toxic compounds can not be repaired as quickly as they occur. In other words, if you consume a lot of the wrong edible things you are poisoning yourself creating damage and toxic buildup.

Now, your body will try to detoxify when it can, especially when the toxic buildup is becoming threatening. However, when most people experience this, as in a cold or flu, they turn to drugs or remedies to alleviate the symptoms. And symptoms are simply part of the detoxification and healing process, as in what you experience when the body remove toxins and start healing tissue. If you lessen or stop the symptoms, you simply stop this process and the buildup of toxins continues. If this cycle is repeated, your body has no other option that to shield off the toxins from the rest of the body by forming tumors. I’ve explained all this in several articles, please check my Quick Start archives for a deeper understanding of this.

When you first start Carnivore

So, what happens when you start to transition your way of eating into Carnivore, as in adopting our species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based foods?

The first thing that happens is that you suddenly have all the missing nutrients your body has been craving. Many people will notice this in heightened mental clarity and awareness, especially those who have been deceived into the anti-human dogmas of veganism, fruitarianism or vegetarianism. This improvement in mental health can be quite impactful, and it’s something that will be ongoing for many years, as your brain starts to heal – improving memory, reasoning, mental sharpness and the ability to focus and concentrate, and so on.

The next thing that usually starts to heal is your digestive system, as you have removed all the extremely damaging fiber and other plant-matter that contains a lot of antinutrients and defense chemicals. This can also be ongoing for years and while you should have perfect firm one-wipe stools on carnivore, you can still experience loose stools or diarrhea due to detoxification and healing on occasion.

Other small ailments that have been noticeable might also start to improve, while some might actually get worse. This depends on the scale of the damage you’ve done through the years. Remember, detoxification and healing are done by the assist of bacteria (and sometimes fungus,) while the area experience an increase in blood flow, fluids, and temperature. This is what is called inflammation and it can cause pain, swelling, redness, heat/fever, and even loss of function – as in the area becoming stiff, weak or immobile.

And as your body prioritizes different areas for healing, usually one at a time, and the fact that healing and detoxification is a very slow process, you will likely experience these “bursts” of healing and detoxification on and off for many, many years after you finally gave your body a chance to heal by adopting our natural way of eating.

I got this and that after going Carnivore

This is something we see often as ‘clickbait’ on YouTube or as an argument that Carnivore is bad for you. For example, someone might have claimed having ‘heart issues’ from some “blood panel” showing “concerning numbers” for cholesterol (HDL/LDL,) complete blood count (CBC,) and Homocysteine after a couple of years as Carnivore. Well, if you have any logical thinking skills and at least the common sense of a child, you should be able to figure out that all those years you consumed process garbage did a lot of damage to your cardiovascular system and now, when your body finally has the tools to try and repair that damage, all those ‘blood markers’ are elevated because they are needed in the repair process. Yes, I covered this in depth in many articles.

The same is true for higher levels of cortisol, which is also needed for providing you with more energy and aiding the healing process. I explained this in-depth in my article “All Sugars/Carbohydrates Turn into Toxic Glucose.” However, it’s a topic that shills use when trying to discredit ketogenic and carnivore diets and claiming that we need toxic and damaging carbohydrates.

In fact, anything you might notice on a blood test (which are mostly totally useless) or experience as symptoms are from your body healing all the previous abuse. Remember, your body will never do something wrong or to hurt you. It is made for survival; it’s made to keep you alive for as long as possible. That is why you can get away with so much abuse in the first place. And yes, as I said previously, new symptoms and ailments can pop up after several years, as your body finally got to correcting it.

Depending on how much toxins your body has stored/shieled away, you might experience detoxification symptoms on and of for years, even decades. And keep in mind that some of these toxins, especially the antinutrients from plants, are discarded through the skin and can appear as dandruff, flaky skin, or even rashes. Again, these are natural processes of detoxification and healing and not a “reaction” to a diet that is species-appropriate, which would be ludicrous to claim.

In other words, do not blame your species-appropriate way of eating on what you caused in the past by following the elite’s deception of what food and diet is.
There is zero chance of any new damage being done when you consume the right food that is appropriate for your species and physiology. And as you get fully nourished, you will also be much more able to handle stress, so stress related issues will also decrease over time.
Same is true for mental traumas and biological conflicts as described in German New Medicine. Once you are fully carnivore and has been healing for a while, you are simply much more resilient to any kind of ailment or “disease.” You will also be much stronger in your psyche, and thus be able to handle mental trauma much better.

Please check the links in the article, recommended links below and my archives for much more information on this and how your body actually functions. If you’re still unsure, if you need help of feedback, or if you have questions about your health or approach to the carnivore diet, I’m available for both coaching and consulting sessions.

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