Do Not Support/Enable Depressed People, Fix the Problem Instead

The other day I ran across another typical ‘modern healthcare’ article at Healthline, a shill website for Big Pharma, Modern Medicine, and everything that is wrong, inverted, anti-human and thus pushed by our governments and media.
This article was about the steadily increasing rate of ‘depression’ among children and young adults, and what you as a parent to a “depressed child” can do.

As the article is once again based on the inverted, backwards (and Satanic) anti-logic that is Modern Medicine and Healthcare, as in ‘supporting’ your child to live with his or her ‘depression’ instead of fixing the problem, I will not quote or cover much of the article, as it’s totally irrelevant to the subject and the real solution.

Simply reading the following line from their introduction should tell us what kind of monsters they really are, and how well they represent the modern politically correct victim mentality.

“we’ll explore ways that parents can help an adult child living with depression, including how to find professional support and some of the available treatment options to explore.”

Why would you ever accept such a life for your child? Depression is not something that you happen to get someday and then are trapped with for the rest of your life. Depression is simply a symptom of mental trauma and a weak and compromised physiology with hormone imbalances.

Triggers That Can Cause Depression

In German New Medicine, they have identified that a depressed mood in a right-handed male with a normal hormone status and a right-handed female with a low estrogen status comes from a territorial fear conflict, territorial loss conflict, territorial anger conflict, or territorial marking conflict.
And in a left-handed female with a normal hormone status and left-handed male with a low testosterone status become depressed from a scare-fright conflict, sexual conflict, identity conflict, or marking conflict.

Territorial conflicts refer to places that you spend the most time at, places that should be “safe places,” such as home, school, the playground, or your work place. A Fear conflict can be from physical abuse, family violence, mobbing, bullying, or an accident at any of these places. A loss conflict could be that of losing a part of the territory, losing something of personal value, having to move, or losing a friend or pet that frequented that territory. An anger conflict is usually from conflicts, disputes, or feuds at any of these territories. And a marking conflict refer to an intrusion into one’s territory, as in someone making inroads on your position in that territory, or as in meddling in one’s business or an invasion/disrespect of one’s private sphere.

A scare-fright conflict is the female response to unforeseen danger, very much like a territorial fear conflict is the male response to a territorial threat. The conflict can be triggered by any frightening experience.
A sexual conflict can come from a bad sex experience, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, unwanted sexual practices, sexual rejection, feeling sexually unwanted, or a lack of sexual activity because of an unexpected separation or loss of a mate. An identity conflict refers to the inability to establish one’s position or place. It can happen after an unwanted move, change of school, or change of a workplace. Feeling unsettled, not knowing where to belong, not finding one’s place in a relationship, within the family, the group at work, or in the culture and society at large.

The Importance of Hormones

However, they key here, and what German New Medicine kind of fail to make clear, is that depression always involves hormone imbalances. You are either suffering from low testosterone as a man, or from an estrogen and progesterone imbalance as a woman, or you develop these as the conflict has been triggered and you transcend into a ‘depressed state.’

This is very important because when you suffer from these hormone imbalances you turn into a little scared and passive animal, unable to confront and resolve the situation. Instead, you shy away from it, and this strengthens the depression and as time goes on that depression can turn into what is called a clinical depression.

On the other hand, a man with high natural testosterone levels or a woman with a normal ratio of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone will fight back and resolve such conflicts when they are confronted with them. This means that someone with normal hormone levels will rarely get depressed, and even if it happens, they have a much greater chance of bouncing back and resolving their conflict.

How To Fix and Prevent Depression

So, instead of pampering someone with depression, we need to help them fix their physiology, and then help them with the ‘psychology’ if needed. However, most of the time, the conflicts will resolve themselves when hormones return to normal, as they play a big part in your personality and how you think, reason, rationalize, and thus handle conflicts.
Again, a man with low testosterone will turn into a little frightened boy while a woman with hormone imbalances will turn into a little timid girl.

So, what is most important for hormonal support? Yes, your diet — as in animal saturated fats and cholesterol – the precise things that have been vilified by the inverted and highly anti-human society we find ourselves in today. And people wonder why all these “diseases” that was unheard of 40 years ago has skyrocketed?

If you have children that still lives at home, it is crucial that their diet is based on animal-based foods. Anything else is child abuse and outright criminal behavior.

So, the first step, as in fixing any ‘ailment,’ ‘disease,’ or health problem is to make sure that the person is consuming food that is 100% compatible with his or her physiology, as in our species-appropriate, species-specific carnivorous diet. I have several articles covering this in my Quick-Start Nutrition archives.

I know from experience, having worked with more than 70 ex-vegans, who many suffered from depression, that their depression went away shortly after introducing fatty meat into their diets again. Not only was it a kick-start for their brain and cognitive ability, it also erased the mental illness they suffered from as vegans. Nutrition is that important!

Also make sure to remove plant-based and processed foods, as these are not only extremely low on nutrients, but also extremely toxic and poisonous. Your body will always do it best to survive, but if it’s poisoned and malnourished, it will only be able to keep up with the most important things, such as keeping you alive – and that is a far cry from actually living, from what it is to be human and thriving. And in such a state of toxicity and malnutrition, being weak, tired, stressed, and suffering from brain fog without actually realizing it, it’s very logical that you can easily become depressed from any little trigger.

Most of the time, fixing the diet and removing any obvious toxins and pollutants is all that is needed to recover and regain one’s health (although, it can take weeks or many, many months.) If not, you need to go back to the events before the depression started and identify what triggered it, as in the reasons listed above and identified within German New Medicine. From there the individual need to resolve that conflict by either taking action or accepting what happened and move on. And when you are fully nourished and your hormone levels are back to normal, this is actually very easy as you will automatically be in the right state of mind to take action, to fix whatever went wrong, or simply move on and take on the world again. You will no longer be that scared little animal that shy away and hide within its depression.

So, whatever you do, do not listen to enablers such as Healthline, Doctors or Psychologists who want people to accept their situation and simply take money-making drugs. Instead, fix the problem! Trust in nature and the incredible healing power of our physiology and mind. Given the right tools, most things will correct themselves.

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