A Simple Test of Awareness. CDC’s “Similarities and Differences between Flu and COVID-19”

Anyone who have broken free of the programming and done just a little bit of research and rational thinking after being exposed to this extremely obvious fake and staged Covid pandemic know that no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist, that there is no evidence anywhere that any kind of disease is transmittable. You do know however, that the exact opposite has been proven countless of times; that people cannot infect each other by disease. And with any kind of logical thinking and by examining your own or other’s history of “illness”, you know 100% that the germ theory and viruses as contagious is the biggest lie of our century. We know that what they once called “the flu” is nothing more than our natural detoxification process, triggered by drastic changes in temperature or by people in our vicinity starting theirs.

All the symptoms of the “flu” is now symptoms of “Covid-19.” And of course, these are symptoms of your body removing toxins, damaged cells, and other debris. Very simple for those who have a head on their shoulders.

Now, on to the CDC and their web of lies and plain stupidity.


1. When to Experience Symptoms

As for experiencing symptoms of the common flu, they claim this takes 1 to 4 days after “infection.” You know, you inhaled something that has never been isolated and is supposedly dead.

However, for “Covid-19”, it takes 5 days, but also 2 to 14 days. Say what? So, in their made-up fake world of retarded virology, silly Covid is so weak that it may take you up to 14 days before you start to sniffle? If so, what is the fuss about? They’re so deep into their marsh of lies they can’t even make it believable.

2. How long can you spread something that does not exist?

CDC claims you can spread the “flu” one day before showing symptoms. So, for the first 3 days this invisible virus just multiply even though its dead, and decides to just stay inside you, but once you start showing symptoms it can escape and jump onto others? Yeah, seems logical, lol.

And for “Covid” it’s now 2 days before showing symptoms. So, they say you can have covid “building up” inside of you for up to 12 days before it decides to jump ship and “infect” others. They also claim that you can be “contagious” 10 days or more after symptoms first appeared. So, are they saying that you should be cured within 10 days, since you can’t spread it after that period of time? Or is it 10 days after symptoms goes away? Very confusing, I know.

3. How it spreads

Here the CDC claims that people in close contact, within 6 feet, can infect each other. Yeah, 6 feet, they just love their number 6. 6 feet is about 1.8 meters, as in 18, you know 6+6+6 = 18.

Then they claim that indoor setting with poor ventilation could spread “particles” further.  Wait now. Shouldn’t it be the other way around if these pesky viruses actually would exist? Poor ventilation means poor air flow. Good ventilation means good air flow, as in air actually moving and transporting these so-called particles. Once again, no logic at all. They just make shit up as they go and the dumbed down masses swallow it just as easy as they jug down their sugar-filled soda.

And then they claim that Covid is more contagious, but it takes several times longer to actually get “sick” and experience “symptoms”. Does that mean that it’s very sneaky, entering you like a ninja, but once inside of you, it’s so weak it can hardly multiply when compared to the regular flu? Still, they claim people die in droves from it. Yeah, such logic…

Now, if you believed any of these claims made by CDC, I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps you are what your beloved slave masters at the Vatican, the Governments, the UN, and the World Economic Forum calls you – a useless eater.

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