The Matrix Resurrections Opening, 56- and 119-Numerology

Such a coincidence that the numbers “5 0 6”, as in “56”, slowly fly by on the screen at exactly 1:19, as in 119, during the opening scenes in the new Matrix Resurrections movie. Just as “5 0 6” was shown in the first movie.

All Seeing Eye = 56 & 119 (Those who have experienced their Awakening often describe it as the moment their Eye was opened.)

Also, the line “Bugs, this feels like a trap,” is played at exactly this time-stamp of 1:19.
“Bugs, this feels like a trap” = 101 in Septenary
Matrix Resurrections = 101
The Matrix Resurrections = 101
Return to the Source = 101
Neo = 101

See this post for the Matrix 101 decodes

Machine City = 56 (where the people are being harvested named 01, or Zero-One)

MetaCortex = 56 (the software company Neo works for in the new movie)

The Wachowskis = 56 & 187 (the brothers/sisters who wrote and produced the Matrix movies)
Society Of Jesus = 56 & 187 (aka., The Jesuit Order, their masters)

More about the importance of ’56’ here.

And a reminder to all the sheep/npc believing in the pandemic hoax:

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