Fueling Disinformation: 2023 in Medicine

The Disinformation and Big Pharma shill website ‘Medical News Today’ (MNT) recently posted an article looking at 2023 in medicine and three topics that they considered dominated the headlines: artificial sweeteners, colon cancer, and male birth control. And no, do not worry, they do not (yet) claim that men can get pregnant, as in the ‘woke mental illness’ that swept through some of the walking zombies/NPCs, instead it’s about alternatives to condoms and vasectomies.

Now, let’s see what they have to say about these topics and where they invert the truth as the despicable scum they are.

Will I get cancer from using artificial sweeteners like sucralose?

Artificial sweeteners have been brought up again during 2023. And before I say my piece, this is what MNT has to say.

“The chemical in question was sucralose-6-acetate, a metabolite of the sweetener sucralose. The study findings showed that sucralose harms gut health and may lead to oxidative stress, inflammation, and DNA damage, and hence increase the risk of cancer.
One important nuance here was that this study was done on human blood cells. To see the same DNA-damaging effect in humans, an average human weighing 70 kilograms would have to consume 18 liters of sucralose-sweetened beverages daily.”

Well, humans are obligate hyper carnivores. We are only meant to consume the flesh and fat of animals, and some of what animals produce, such as eggs and perhaps some raw milk. Anything else is potentially toxic, especially anything from plants or any kind of man-made chemicals. Although our bodies are good at detoxing (removing) such poisons, it’s always a question of the total amount of stressors and the current health status of your body, how well it actually can detox. The more crap you put in, the more stress, and a higher risk of accumulation that will lead to disease.

As for artificial sweeteners, if you actually eat foods in accordance to your physiology, there’s simply no need to ever use them. These toxic chemicals are only used in man-made processed slave foods and in supplements.

And as for getting cancer from ‘sucralose’ or any other ‘sweetener,’ that is not likely. You get cancer from accumulating more toxins than what your body can handle. It’s not a question of what chemical, toxin or stressor that might cause ‘cancer,’ it’s a question of the total amount of exposure and the ability to detox and heal from its damage.

Then they also brought up the question of…

“Why [is] there such little research about the cancer-causing effects of artificial sweeteners in humans when we are aware that there are so many potential health risks involved with consuming too much sugar in general?
Although it is a difficult question to answer, there are many obstacles — including funding, timing, and ethical challenges in conducting such long-term studies in humans.”

What is interesting here is the obvious statement that ‘sugar’ is a health risk. Well, sugar is the exact same thing as ANY carbohydrate. All types of carbohydrates break down to glucose, which is extremely toxic as it has to be at an exact concentration in the bloodstream or cells will get damaged, hence the release of insulin and shutdown of fat metabolism the second you consume this vile poison (carbohydrates.)
So, while they admit that carbohydrates are a poison, one of the worst, they use the term ‘sugar’ instead to mislead people.
For more on carbohydrates, please check my nutrition ‘quick-start’ guide.

Why are colon cancer rates rising in young people?

“We’re seeing this huge increase in colon and rectal cancer incidence in people under 55. It’s doubled over the past 20 years from 11% to 20%.
Out of a list of symptoms, diarrhea is not uncommon. Iron deficiency (anemia) is not uncommon. And what was emphasized in the study was that having just one of these symptoms could almost double your risk of colon cancer, which was shocking. My question is the question that everybody’s asking: Why is this happening?
It may be attributed to just being a byproduct of how we live and work. Most of us engaged in any type of knowledge work where you’re sitting all day, there’s going to be health consequences. So, lifestyle factors play a role, diet plays a role. Of course, a person’s health history, and even family history of colon cancer can also play a role.”

Although most people move around less, sitting on their ass with their useless mobile phones and tablets all day long, the biggest contributor to colon- and rectal disease is your diet. And today’s modern diet, where our natural species-appropriate diet of animal-based foods has been vilified and demonized, is a recipe for disease. The biggest culprits are fiber, carbohydrates, and vegetable/seed oils.

Also, holding a mobile device that constantly emits electromagnetic radiation in your lap, close to your reproductive organs and intestines, including your colon, is probably not helping either.

Why is there no male birth control pill on the market yet?  

“Our final topic was contraception and more specifically, birth control options for men. This feature on the male birth control pill questioned why there were no oral contraceptives for men on the market despite equivalents for females being in use since the 1960s.”

All kinds of chemical interventions are extremely unhealthy and bad for you. I feel sorry for all women who has been deceived into taking birth control pills, as it destroys their hormonal profile. Unfortunately, using common sense and keeping track of the five days leading up to ovulation seems lost to most people.

“A lot of these trials were stopped by the researchers or the funders after they saw that men had a lot of side effects. One of them, for example, was mood disorders like depression. So, my question is, we have something on the market already that causes such side effects, but we’re subjecting millions of women to take these, why can’t men do that? What do you think is the main reason behind this?
Female hormonal birth control continues on the market “just because society has come to accept it” by now, but “the side effect bar for a healthy person to take a drug is really high, and it should be.”

Wow, they actually proved my point. Birth control is extremely unhealthy, but it’s also a multi-billion industry, just as every single drug and medicine. Their lies about disease, contagion, germs, and so on need to be fully exposed before anything will change.
For more on these topics, please check my ‘quick-start’ guides on disease.

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