Fueling Disinformation: 2023 in Medicine

The Disinformation and Big Pharma shill website ‘Medical News Today’ (MNT) recently posted an article looking at 2023 in medicine and three topics that they considered dominated the headlines: artificial sweeteners, colon cancer, and male birth control. And no, do not worry, they do not (yet) claim that men can get pregnant, as in the ‘woke mental illness’ that swept through some of the walking zombies/NPCs, instead it’s about alternatives to condoms and vasectomies. […]

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Know Your Poison: Lectins

Plants, unlike animals, cannot run away from predators. To defend themselves from herbivores, insects, fungi and other threats, they produce toxic defense chemicals. One of them is known as lectins. Lectins are a plant defense mechanism that mainly protect the seeds, but can be found in other parts of the plant as well. As with anything living, the highest priority of the entity is reproduction. Therefore, seeds tend to have a higher concentration of

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