Microsoft Claims it was Breached by Haxxors Lapsus$ on 3/22

It’s been a while since we had an outburst of silly hacker stories. We had several in June and July of 2021, then one in October when Facebook went down. Actually, Microsoft was allegedly hacked by Nobelium in late May last year.

These hacker- and ‘cyber-attack’ stories seem to pop up in intervals, especially as World Economic Forum and their hacker-simulation event ‘Cyber Polygon’ approaches. This year’s Cyber Polygon will be on July 8.

This allegedly happened on March 22, 2022.
3/22/2022 = 3 + 22 + 20 + 22 = 67

Order 322 = 67 (Order 322, aka., Skull and Bones Freemasonry)
Cyber Polygon = 67

Cyber Polygon 2022 will be held on July 8, that is a span of 109 days from March 22.

Cyber-Attack = 109

Remember that previous hack by Nobelium? That story was released by Microsoft on May 27, 2021. That was exactly 300-days before this alleged hack by Lapsus$.

300 is the 24th Triangular number.

Lapsus$ = 24, 24

And keep in mind that the number ‘24’ is very hot in their rituals at the moment because of its importance in the staged and fake war between Russia and Ukraine that begun on February 24.

They call the attackers of Microsoft a ‘cyber gang’ in the articles.

Cyber Gang = 46
Microsoft = 46
Hacker = 46

This happened on March 22, as in 3/22, the day of Order 322 as in Skull and Bones Freemasonry out of Yale.

Yale = 16
Lapsus$ = 16
WEF = 16 (World Economic Forum)

And the 16th prime number comes from the number of ’53.’

Microsoft = 53
Cyber Threat = 53
Hacking = 53

And, of course, the silly ‘Lapsus$’ is ‘56’ in Kabbalah.

Lapsus$ = 56

And what is the definition of ‘lapsus?’ It is a ‘slip,’ or a ‘lapse,’ an involuntary slip or error while writing or speaking.

Slip = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Involuntary Slip = 74
Error = 74
Lapsus$ = 74

Lapse = 53
Hacking = 53

Lapse = 82
Order 322 = 82
Cyber Gang = 82

Some media outlets claim that the ‘mastermind’ of ‘Lapsus$’ is some teenager basement kiddo from United Kingdom. That’s most likely complete bullocks. What is more probable is that it’s an invention of the CIA. It’s simply made up to drive this ‘Cyber Pandemic’ agenda initiated by the World Economic Forum.

During the last week, the media has been running with a few stories voicing their concern for hacker attacks from Russia. In other words, they have once again been conditioning the sheep for this possibility of hacking and important systems going down, such as payment gateways/banking, electricity, the internet and so on.
It’s all part of Agenda 2030, the one world currency, the digital-ID, and most likely microchip implants or digital tattoos/injections of nano-technology. They are already working on all this and offline systems that buffer any transactions if you have a digital ID and hand/eye-scan confirmation – and as soon as communication is restored the transaction will be checked, confirmed, and executed. And you bet they will claim that to be even more secure from the threat of hackers, power failure and internet failure, you will need a microchip or a digital barcode that has all your data encrypted with redundant backups in the ‘cloud’ tied with your biometric data.

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