Tesla 33 ritual

Testa recalls 300,000 cars in Masonic Ritual by the Numbers – hinting at things to come

At a first glance, this story is very blatantly coded. Let’s start with the method they usually use in short TV clips and reports where space is limited for text.
This concerns Tesla Model 3 and they write ‘300,000’, where we always remove the zeroes. Thus, we get a 33 Freemasonry connection. Also, the Tesla “Model 3” is already a ‘33’ as you flip the ‘M’ in Model to get a ‘3’. The reason for the recall is supposedly over a Cruise Control issue. That’s a double ‘CC’ and ‘C’ is the third letter, so another 33. This error allegedly results in ‘accidental acceleration,’ two words with the double ‘CC’, or ‘33’, in them. Also, Tesla is ‘33’ in Reverse Full Reduction.
These apparent codings was what initially caught my eye about this story, but the phrase “Cruise Control” in the headline is what piqued my interest. And when Tesla is in the news, there are always some hints to technological agendas, and we will get to that shortly. But first, with that out of the way, let’s use some Gematria and look at the story.

300,000 cars
Three Hundred Thousand: 97
Electric Car: 97

Story broke on June 26, 2021. 6/26/2021 = 6+26+2+0+2+1 = 37
Tesla Recalls: 37
Tesla Model 3: 37

This allegedly happened on a Saturday
Saturday: 109, 28
Tesla Model 3: 109
China: 28

6/26 = 6+26 = 32
Safety: 32
Saturday: 32 (Septenary)
Electric Car: 32 (Chaldean)

Picture is from their ‘Gigafactory’ in Shanghai, China.
Story updated at 23:09 = (2+3):9 = 59
Gigafactory: 59
Tesla Model 3: 59
Freemasonry: 59

Apparently, some cars from the ‘Model Y’ series seemed to have a similar problem, and the story makes clear that Tesla is also spelled TSLA.
TSLA: 29
Model Y: 29
Elon Musk: 29

Model Y also breaks down to the God number 74 in English Ordinal and the Eternity/Infinity number 88 in Reverse Ordinal. Very cute.
Electric Car: 74
Accidental Acceleration: 88
Masonic Ritual: 88

And some keywords and how they tie the story together.

Safety Issue: 67, 149, 41
Shanghai: 67, 149, 41
Nearly 300,000 cars: 67

Three hundred thousand cars: 111
Recall: 111

Tesla Recalls: 37, 80
Tesla Model 3: 37
Cruise Control: 80

Three matches out of four on ‘Safety Issue’ and ‘Shanghai,’ very hard to do. The best match for Shanghai when they invented this story was “safety issue” and that is what they used. So, what about Cruise Control?
Actually, Cruise Control does not match any of the important keywords, only the phrase “Tesla recalls.” So, is it a red herring? Only there for the double ‘CC?’ Or is it a message, a code to what is to come? They do love to pay tribute to other stories and agendas, and it does generate some really specific and interesting numbers…

Cruise Control: 172, 64, 179, 80
Cyber Polygon 2021: 172
Cyber Threat: 172, 64
Police State: 172, 64
Silent Weapons: 172, 179
Cyber Pandemic: 64
Internet Blackout: 64
Musk (Elon Musk): 64
The First Purge: 172, 179
Microchip Implant: 179
Follow The Numbers: 80
Cyber Resilience: 80
Internet Glitches: 80
Military Force: 80
Bavarian Illuminati: 80

That is interesting. We know about World Economic Forum’s simulation Cyber Polygon from earlier decodings and articles. Cyber Polygon is about ‘cyber threats’ and their dystopian One World Government that proceed the Great Reset and Smart Cities as in Agenda 2030 where we live in a Police State and everyone is chipped with a ‘microchip implant.’ Cyber Polygon is also about coming cyber threats and Internet glitches and blackouts of targeted services. And in every Cyber Attack story, the Bavarian Illuminate have always been coded.

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