Germany Cyber Hoax

German Cyber-Security Watchdog Confirms the country’s first Cyber-Catastrophe

Only a couple of days after World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon simulation, German “Cyber-Security” Watchdog cries about the country’s first “Cyber-Catastrophe”. Yes, “Cyber-Catastrophe” as in CC, or 33, as in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 33. Could it be any more OBVIOUSLY STAGED? Come on people, wakey, wakey!
And there sure are a lot of C’s in that headline, jeez.

Funny thing is, this supposedly happened on Tuesday, July 6. As most of the fabricated attacks was staged leading up to Cyber Polygon, making their event seem “more important” than ever…

On July 6, there was 178 days remaining in the year.
Cyber-Security: 178

July 6, 2021 = 7/6/21 = 7+6+21 = 34
Anhalt: 34
Germany: 34
Hacker Attack: 34 (Jew Red)

Pretty much the script for Germany that day.

Article reads as:
“Hackers knocked out the IT operations of the municipality of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, on Tuesday…”
Tuesday: 95
Hackers Knocked Out: 95, 67, 275
Anhalt-Bitterfeld: 95, 67, 275

Wow, three out of four on the English ciphers for the phrase “Hackers Knocked Out” and the place it happened, “Anhalt-Bitterfeld”. Very much scripted!

Cyber-Security Watchdog: 151
Knocked Out: 151, 38, 52
Germany: 38, 52

Cyber-Security: 65
Hackers: 65

German Cyber-Security Watchdog: 124
Hackers: 124

Hackers: 43
Anhalt: 43

IT-Operations: 62
Saxony-Anhalt: 62

Hacker Attack: 78
Eastern Germany: 78

Cyber-Catastrophe: 179, 100, 71
District Council: 179, 100, 71
Saxony-Anhalt: 71

And remember, they did not release this story until July 12. Wonder why…

July 12, 2021 = 7+12+20+21 = 60
Computer Systems: 60
Anhalt-Bitterfeld: 60 (Jew Red)
Cyber Polygon 2021: 60 (Jew Red)
It’s a Lie: 60
Jesuit: 60
Thirty-Three: 60 (as in the “Cyber-Catastrophe” = CC = 33)

July 12 was the 193rd day of the year. 193 is the 44th Prime number.
Deception: 44
Psy-Op: 44
Hacker: 44 (Jew Ord)

All keywords fit together with one or several matches within the English ciphers. And, if you wonder why they chose the extremely silly wording “Cyber-Catastrophe”, it was not only for the obvious CC, but also because it’s a three cipher match with the alleged target of the attack; the District Council. They just don’t even try any longer. They just assume people are so stupid and dumbed down that they will swallow everything they print. Why not just call it “Cyber Hoax?” Just be honest for once. And Cyber Hoax is 47 in Full Reduction, and that is no coincidence as the Freemasons love 47.

Actually, for laughs, Cyber-Security Watchdog is 101 just as Cyber Hoax and Hackers are 52 just as Cyber Hoax. Quite telling. There is no such thing as hackers nowadays. No little kids in basements with a Best Buy laptop. You need the computer power of CIA to be able to even try to hack something – oh wait. Well, you get the idea…

So, yes, this story was very much planned and fabricated – just as all of the alleged “cyber-attacks” or “hacker attacks”.

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