Will Trump be back?

Jesuit puppet Donald Trump back in the Headlines again

At this point in time, most of us know that politics is just theatre for the sleeping masses, just as the fake voting system is a carrot to give the same sleeping people a sense of engagement and being in control. The truth though is the exact opposite. All elections are rigged. Presidents are not elected, they are selected. The ones who are deeply involved in the occult, connected to the cabals and the 13 bloodlines, and fit best into the current agendas get chosen to play the main role, the character of the president. It’s the same thing with political parties and forming a government. They all follow the same script. They are actors, playing a role.
So, why is Trump back in the limelight? Well, let’s take a few steps back and look at some clues presented this year.

On March 30 (33), Donald Trump was interviewed by his daughter in law, Lara Trump. In that interview he hinted on running for the 2024 campaign. Then, on April 20th, the 110th day of the year and on Adolf Hitler’s birthday (President and Adolf Hitler = 110 in Gematria), he was interviewed again and said he was “beyond serious” about running in 2024.

The other Jesuit puppet, Joe Biden, is the 46th president. The next one will be the 47th, the reflection of GOD’s number 74 and very important in Freemasonry (the degrees on their compass). Still, being the 48th president has other interesting Gematria as well, as “Donald Trump” equals 48. Still, Trump equals 47, so…
The interview and decodings are covered here: https://bartoll.se/2021/04/jesuit-puppet-trump-will-run-for-president-in-2024/

Now, on July 6, 2021, the CEO of MyPillow said that Trump will be reinstated on August 13th. I did not pay much attention to that story at first, although it was covered in Gematria. However, since this story broke on July 6, CNN and other Democrat News Sites have had daily Trump stories since a few days back, bashing him as usual for the stage of theatrics – especially with focus on “chaos” during his presidency and him lying. This is of course all scripted and part of the “divide” tactics they love to play on the people. Still, it might just be Revelation of the Method, that something big and fabricated will happen soon, maybe on August 13th or the days after, something that will cause “chaos” or trouble for the current precedency, i.e., Joe Biden? August 15 is also of interest, as that is the birthday of the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus) and they will pull off something big on that date, that is for sure.

Let’s look at that statement from MyPillow’s CEO.
The CEO Michael Lindell is saying Donald Trump will make a Presidential return to the White House on August 13th, the date written 13/8 = 138.
Michael: 138
Donald Trump: 138
Presidential Return: 1308 = 138 (you remove the zero in Gematria)

August 13, 2021 = 8+1+3 + (20) + (21) = 53
Presidency: 53
Divide: 53
Ordo ab Chao: 53
Sons of Israel: 53
Catholicism: 53

This hints that the date might have something to do with the presidency, as usual to divide people and make order out of chaos, Ordo ab Chao. And the Catholic Church is always involved in these events, as they write the playbook and Trump is a puppet of the Vatican and the Jesuit Order, and he is a Zionist with strong connections to Israel through family, i.e., a son of Israel.

And more importantly, August 13 have Scottish Rite Freemasonry numerology.
August 13, 2021 = 8+1+3 + (21) = 33

Also, August 13, 2021 = (8) + (13) + (21) = 42
Jesuit: 42
Freemason: 42
Zionism: 42
Ordo ab Chao: 42 (Jewish)

That story about Trump returning to office broke on July 6 = 7/6 = 76.
Donald John Trump: 76
Return to Office: 76

On July 6, there was 178 days remaining in the year. The CEO’s nickname is “My Pillow Guy”, and he was born in ’61.
My Pillow Guy: 178, 61

On July 6, Mike Lindell was 60 years and 8 days old = 608 = 68
Lindell: 68
Donald John Trump: 68

On August 13th, it will be exactly 47 days since his birthday – and the next president will be the 47th. Note: Donald Trump is known as the “Warlock of D.C.”
My Pillow Guy: 47
Trump: 47
President: 47
White House: 47
Authority: 47
News: 47
Warlock of D.C.: 47 (Jew Red)

And August 13th will be on a Friday, as “unlucky Friday 13”.
The Warlock of D.C.: 63
Friday: 63

Friday the 13th: 65
White House: 65

Friday the 13th: 60
Warlock of D.C.: 60
Donald trump: 60

Unlucky Friday 13: 77
Return to Office: 77
Michael James Lindell: 77
Donald J Trump: 77

Unlucky Friday 13: 185
Donald John Trump: 185

Unlucky Friday 13th: 76
Return to Office: 76
Donald John Trump: 76

That is some really strong Gematria. No wonder they did this story. Question is, is it true or just a ritual? Let’s move on.

What more about the thirteenth of August?

My Pillow Guy: 119
Donald: 119 (Jewish)
Thirteenth of August: 1109 = 119 (Jewish)

On August 13th Trump will be exactly 902 months old. 902 = 92
Michael James Lindell: 920 = 92 (Jewish)

Note that Trump has strong Israeli and Jewish connections, making that cipher especially important.

Also, Trump and Lindell were born 15 years and 15 days apart, as in 1515.
Thirteen: 1515 (squares)
Thirty-three: 1515 (Eng Ext)

Thirty-three: 156, 141
MyPillow-com: 156, 141

I do not have time to decode the other Trump stories, but the sudden interest in him on several news sites tells me that something is going on and something will happen soon. This does not mean that it will be Trump making a comeback around August 13 or August 15, but something will happen that shakes the current president Biden and that might set things in motion involving Trump…. With that said, the latest headline, “Trump’s last days in office were worse than we thought” is interesting as the key phrase, “worse than we thought” equals 88 in Full Reduction and the Satanic cipher, matching it with ‘Trump’ and ‘Staged Media’. 88 is also symbolic for eternity and history repeating itself. While the phrase, “Trump’s last days in office” equals 275 and 95 which both matches with the phrase, “Six Hundred Sixty-six” or “666”.

Will Trump return on August 13, or will there be some sort of headline story regarding Trump and/or the Presidency around that time?
Well, one thing is for sure, their show goes on, entertaining and dividing the sleeping masses. The world is a stage!

Some headlines from the last couple of days:

Or is that what is coming?
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