Hurricane Henri Update, Prepare for Flooding – and a bit about weather history

Hurricane Henri is supposed to hit the Northeast Coast by today. Looking at the gematria and knowing that it’s man-made trough weather modification warfare, be prepared for flooding.

August 22, 2021 = 8/22/2021 = 8+22+2+0+2+1 = 35
Flooding: 35 (Reverse Full Reduction)

August 22, 2021 = 8/22/21 = 8+22+21 = 51
The 51st Prime is the number 233, as seen all over this since Tropical Storm Henri (233) was announced and when it turned into a Hurricane.

On August 22, there is 131 days left in the year. 131 is the 32nd Prime Number.
Water: 32 (Rev Full Red)
Storm: 32 (Rev Full Red)
Crisis: 32 (Full Red)
Roman Catholic Church: 320 = 32 (Rev Ord)

And tomorrow, August 23, 2021 = 8/23/21 = 8+23+21 = 52
52 is the weather catastrophe number (just as 25).
Earth: 52 (Eng Ord)
Enlil: 52 (Eng Ord)
Flood: 52 (Eng Ord)
Hurricane: 52 (Full Red)
Power Outage: 52 (Rev Full Red)
Northeast Coast: 52 (Full Red)

Tomorrow’s headlines will probably be the flooding caused by Hurricane Henri.

Also, they updated the number of people under “extreme weather warnings” to 50 million. And when this article was updated, Henri was 50 miles southeast of Montauk Point, New York.

50 million: 47 (Rev Full Red) (47 degrees on the Freemasonic compass)
Fifty million: 66 (Rev Full Red) (number of the beast reference)
Fifty: 66 (Eng Ord) (number of the beast reference)

So, if you live in this area, be prepared!

Update 4 hours after original post. CNN just posted this a few minutes ago:

I mentioned flooding in yesterday’s post, over 24 hours ago: 233 Tropical Storm Henri is now Hurricane Henri
Facebook post:

Addition – from questions on social media.

Damaging storms have always existed, did they control them 100 years ago too?

From what we know, in our “modern” history, cloud seeding was introduced in the 50’s. EMF and microwaves to stimulate clouds in the 90’s. After that the technology has improved and evolved manifold, with such things as plasma.

Now, what is the BIG difference from today and 100 or even 200 years ago? Horse and carriage? Sure. But recorded hurricanes were 10 or more years apart, in fact, they were extremely rare. And anyone with a bit of common sense should be able to figure that out without even looking up statistics and old history books. Do anyone think that settlers on the coast said, “Fuck me, this is the perfect spot! Hurricanes and storms every year, let’s build big cities right here!” But I digress.

Looking at the East Coast in the United States, during 1800-1899 there were about 25 reported storms. Most of them doing no damage at all. Three storms, categorized as hurricanes, actually did some damage and tore down a few trees and houses.

In 1900-1949, 12 storms were reported. Two of them doing some damage. Two hurricanes in a span of 50 years…

Fast-forward to 2000-2009 when weather modification was on the rise. 17 storms were reported. 5 of them did a lot of damage. 5 hurricanes in 10 years…

In 2010-2019, 15 storms were reported. Four did damage, which of two did extreme damage (Irene and Sandy).

In 2020 we had 6 reported storms in just one year, with two doing some damage and killing people.

Since they started recording these storms in early 1800, 25 storms have caused fatalities. Of these 25, 20 of them was after 1954 when they had been experimenting with cloud seeding. Of these 20, 12 has been since the 90’s.

And on the topic why they are doing this…

The main reason for weather warfare is to push people from their land, to wear out small towns and cities, to get people to move into big cites – and then the government and big corporations can go in and buy the land for pennies on the dollar. Land is the most valuable asset there is. And once most people are in big cities and Agenda 2030 has come to fruition, you will not be allowed to visit these lands, parks, woods without digital IDs and being an obedient citizen (slave).

The second reason is to blame everything on the climate change hoax. That way they can continue to increase taxes, tax new stuff, impose new stupid laws and restrictions, make the gullible population feel responsible, and so on.

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