Flooding in Europe and China – Weather Warfare

Pictures from the flooding in China, that started about the same time as the flooding in Europe, but continues to build up. We currently see arranged disasters at multiple areas around our world, not only flooding but draught, wild fires and tornados as well. All orchestrated by our governments and the military – weather warfare. And most people are still sleeping, thinking it’s caused by the moon as the Jesuit puppets at NASA claims. How can anyone believe in such child stories? Wake up!

From my Facebook post early morning on July 15:
Today is July 15, a day with weather catastrophe numerology, especially flooding.
52 and 25 are numbers associated with flooding every month, year after year.
7/15/21 = 7+15+2+1 = 25
Earth: 25
Enlil: 25
Flood: 25

I predicted most of this back in April here:

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