Jeff Bezos’ Fake 11-minute Phallic Rocket “Space Flight” – a phony Tribute to the Fake Moon Landing and to Osiris

Once again, actors in the “rich-mans club” fake another “space flight”, all by the numbers and as a ritualistic tribute to historical staged and faked events.

This phallic dildo-looking rocket flight and CGI-feast was served to the dumbed-down and sleeping masses on the 52-year anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s Moon Landing production that took place on July 20, 1969 – which was the 201st day of the year. And considering the undeniable phallic shape, it’s also a clear Osiris ritual. You know, Osiris who had his body cut into 14 pieces by Seth, and the only piece Isis couldn’t find was, well, his phallus. So, she made a golden dildo and somehow got impregnated with that thing, thus the phallic worship amongst the elite and all the phallic symbolism and monuments/obelisks. She probably couldn’t find it because NASA and later on Bezos took a ride on it to outer space… And also, very appropriate that Branson went to “space” 9 days earlier in his “Virgin” rocket… Did Bezos impregnate the Virgin Branson with his dildo rocket? They are a sick bunch! But I digress.

11-minute flight, as in Apollo 11… Cute.
And a day later, they changed it to 10 minutes and 20 seconds, or 18 seconds, or even 10 seconds, depending on what source you use. Is it that difficult to use a stop watch?

So, the 201st day of the year.
Oliver Daemen: 201 (the new kid that went with them)
Fabricated: 201
Six Sixty-Six: 201
Saturn Worship: 201
The Jesuit Order: 201
Neil Alden Armstrong: 201

52-year anniversary. Remember, Jeff Bezos is known as “Mr. Big Tech”. And his rocket was called “Blue Origin”.
Space Flight: 52
Technology: 52

Mr. Big Tech: 158, 59
Blue Origin: 158, 59

Blue Origin: 77
Jeff Bezos: 77

Blue Origin: 58
Cock Rocket: 58
Amazon Prime: 58

Technology: 38
Seth: 38
14 pieces: 38
Phallic: 38

Technology: 56
Space Flight: 56
Space Ship: 56 (Jew Red)
Seth: 56
Isis: 56

This happened on July 20, 2021 = 7+2+0+21 = 30
Phallus: 30 (Jew Red)
14 pieces: 30 (Chaldean)

July 20, 2021 can also be written as 7+20+20+21 = 68
Mr. Big Tech: 68
Bezos: 68
Jesuits: 68
Theatrics: 68
Six Sixty-Six: 68 (Jew Red)
Number of the Beast: 68 (Chaldean)

The launch was on a Tuesday.
Tuesday: 23, 94, 40
Bezos: 23
Jeff Bezos: 94, 40

July 20 is written as July Twentieth
July Twentieth: 57, 69
Moon: 57
Outer Space: 57
Space Ship: 57
Space Flight: 57 (Jew Red)
Six Sixty-Six: 57, 69

And, July 20, 2021 = 7+2+0+20+21 = 50
Mr. Big tech: 50
July Twentieth: 50 (Chaldean)

Jeff is currently 57-years old, as in Outer Space and Conspiracy is 57.
Outer Space: 123, 147, 57
Conspiracy: 123, 147, 57

And there you have it. Outer Space is a conspiracy, it’s fake, it does not exist, and they know it.

Jeff’s birthday is January 12, as in 1/12 = 112
Blue Origin: 112
Six Hundred Sixty-Six: 112
And the Jesuits operates in 112 countries

Also, note that July 20 is actually the true 5/9, the 9th day of the 5th month in Israel. 5/9 as in 59.
Mr. Big Tech: 59
In Tech We Trust: 59
Pope Francis: 59
Theatrics: 59

Richard Branson went on July 11, the true first day of the fifth month – the day of the new moon. That is why that flight also had a ritualistic tribute to the moon and why these two flights are connected. They are 9 days apart. 9 in gematria can be written as 9 or with any number of zeroes, as 90 or 900…
Phallus Obelisk: 90
Rocket: 90

And if you go back to my story on Branson, I summed up the whole story at the end, using the gematria value of 90! Now we know why 90 was so important. You can read it here:

This second fake space flight with Bezos ties it all together, it completes the ritual.

Also note the recurring references to 666, the Number of the Beast, they always try to put that in there as well. Because 666 is the number of man, and those behind all these staged and scripted stories are just men. Men playing Gods by shaping your reality and writing history in their own image.

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