Michael ‘Moonwalker’ Jackson’s Birthday, The Fake Artemis 1 Launch and Jackson, Mississippi, Flooding

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba warned the residents of Jackson, Mississippi, on Saturday to “get out now,” as record-setting rain threatens to flood the streets and creep into homes on Monday, August 29 – the birthday of another Jackson, as in Michael Jackson. In other words, Jackson is about to flood on Michael Jackson’s birthday – a perfect play on words and names as the Freemasons always do. That alone should tell you that this is about weather control and that this rain is not a natural phenomenon, it’s weather warfare.

The first initial warning from the mayor came on Saturday, August 27, the 239th day of the year. 239 is, of course, the 52nd prime number, the number of weather control and weather warfare. Also note that August 27 was the five-year anniversary of the Hurricane Harvey and the flooding of Texas (August 25-29, 2017.)

Flood = 52
Michael Jackson = 52 (his birthday on August 29)
Overflowing = 52 (the Mississippi river was said to overflow)
Five-Years = 52 (since the flooding from Hurricane Harvey)
Hurricane = 52 (as in Hurricane Harvey, the five-year anniversary)

And, of course, the warning came on August 27, a day with 77-date numerology.
8/27/2022 = 8 + 27 + 20 + 22 = 77

Jackson, Mississippi = 77
Mississippi = 77
Heavy Rain = 77

Or, when using a short-date, it had a numerology of 57. And it was the Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba who warned of the rain and river to ‘flood streets.’
8/27/22 = 8 + 27 + 22 = 57

Chokwe Antar Lumumba  = 57
Flood Streets = 57

And as for the ‘Get Out Now!’ headline.

Get Out Now = 140
Heavy Rain = 140
Mississippi = 140
Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba = 140

Let’s move on…

Now, another thing scheduled for August 27 is the extremely silly and totally fake launch of the ‘Artemis I’ moon mission at 12:33 UTC. Of course, it has to be the 33rd minute of the hour, as you know, Freemasons and “Moon Mission,” as in ‘MM’ or 33 flipped… As you probably know, the only reason they waited so long for another moon mission is that they finally have the next generation of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) to fake it in such a way that the dumbed down sheep believe it is real. The first moon landing was so pathetically fake and has been debunked in every single step, that they need to make something to strengthen the space lie and brainwash the gullible sheep as their ‘Mars Mission’ is looming. Mars, which simply will be CGI rendered in underground bunkers. We know that Earth is a closed system and that the moon is not a rock, it’s not something you can land on. Much more likely it’s plasma or a projection from the black sun. However, that is all speculation, what we know for sure is that the Earth is a closed system and that there is no space. The Sun and the Moon are local, within our enclosed system.

Anyway, this staged and fake launch will take place on August 29, the birthday of ‘Moonwalker’ Michael Jackson himself – which of course is no coincidence.

Keep in mind that NASA was founded in ’58, the same year Michael Jackson was born. Actually, NASA was founded on July 29 and Michael was said to have been born one month, as in 31-days, later on August 29.

Artemis = 31
Artemis I, NASA = 31
Artemis 1, NASA = 31

The mission duration is said to be 42-days, and will end on October 10, the day leaving 83-days remaining in the year when counting the end-date.

Michael Jackson = 83

As for the 42, the number of 2022, and the number associated with Revelation where the Beast ruled for 42-months, the mission is said to end at 14:42. Yes, the 42nd minute of the hour, just as the launch will be on the Freemasonic 33rd minute! Also, 14:42 = (1+4) (4+2) = 56, their favorite hoax code!
And finally, Michael Jackson allegedly died (retired) on a day with 42-date numerology. Everything is heavily coded!
6/25/2009 = 6 + 25 + (2+0+0+9) = 42

Moon Mission = 56 (as in landing time of 14:42 = (1+4) (4+2) = 56)

Michael’s alleged death was 13 years ago, just as the Moon has a 13-month cycle.
Also, August 29 is the 241st day of the year. 241 is the 53rd prime number. The first fake Moon landing was in 1969, 53-years ago.

Moon Landing = 53

And again, there are 124-days remaining in the year.

Michael Jackson = 124

I will do a separate article on this Artemis I “Moon Mission” and collect material around it when it has launched and the fake rocket has been dumped into the ocean and they are sending CGI from some underground facility to entertain the sheep.

Until then, please watch this awesome video by Joseph Acquaviva on the upcoming “Moon Mission”:

Joseph’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JX1rW2JOsuaELKR2hWrLg/videos

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