Artemis 1 Launch Postponed for September 2 (33) or 5 (56)

Nothing keeps the buzz going among the gullible sheep believing in space like some advanced mechanical engine trouble – not to mention that it validates the belief that the rocket is real and that everything surrounding this launch must be calculated to perfection. As for example, that the next silly made-up launch window is September 2, “opening” on 12:48 p.m. and closing on 2:48 p.m., or the one after that being on September 5, “opening” on 5:12 p.m. and closing on 6:42 p.m. And once again, notice the important ‘42’ and even ‘48’ that has been used in a lot of stories this year. The cancelled launch would have been at 12:33, the Freemasonic 33. And 42 goes back to the Book of Revelation and the Beast who ruled for 42-months, and has been heavily used in the staged and very fake war in Ukraine, same as 48. Of course, you also have the claims from NASA that they currently have 42 active astroNOTS, that the Artemis Moon Mission will last 42-days, that Apollo 11’s first stage separation was 42 miles above Earth, that Armstrong stepped onto the Moon 109 hours and 42 minutes after launch, and that 24 astroNOTS (as in 42 backwards) have visited the Moon. Hilarious! But most people are too dumbed down to notice.

Not to mention that they say that this charade of a “Moon Mission” will cost $93 Billion Dollars through 2025 – and that when the economy is declining and people are scraping to get by. $93 Billion spent on something that is completely fake and only made-up of computer-generated imagery and a piece-of-shit rocket that they launch and then dump into the ocean. Total insanity.

Also note that the earliest they say they can reschedule is September 2, as in 9/2/22 = 9 + 2 + 22 = 33, the Freemasonic hoax calling card. And the next window after that is at September 5, like 9/5/2022 = 9 + 5 + 20 + 22 = 56, their other hoax code. What a shocker, eh?

Actually, September 5, looks like a good fit.
9/5/2022 = 9 + 5 + 20 + 22 = 56
9/5/22 = 9 + 5 + 22 = 36
9/5/22 = 9 + 5 + 2 + 2 = 18
36 is the square root of 6, as in 6×6, like 66 — the shorthand code for Number of the Beast. And 18 is the same as 6 + 6 + 6…

Anyway, the reason for the delay of the launch, according to Mike Sarafin, the mission manager at NASA, was a liquid hydrogen fuel line that did not properly chill one of the four RS-25 engines. You know, that four engines that allegedly generates a total of 8.8 million pounds of thrust, as in 88, the infinity loop used in ‘Back to the Future,’ which also happens to be one of the catch phrases for this silly fake Artemis Moon Mission. Yeah, you could not make this ridiculous lunacy up any better if you tried.

Back to the Future with 8.8, as in 88, million pounds of thrust!!

Notice the strange headline that CNN went with, “Today’s Artemis I launch has been scrubbed after engine issue”, which just happened to reduce to ‘322’ in single reduction gematria, as in Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry.

Today’s Artemis I launch has been scrubbed after engine issue = 322

Remember, the Artemis 1 rocket is said to be 322 ft. Can’t make this up better if you tried!

Actually, a lot of news outlets went with the “scrubbed” theme and similar headlines, instead of simply using more common words like “rescheduled,” “delayed,” or “postponed.” Of course, ‘scrubbed’ is ‘33’ in septenary, but also…

Scrubbed = 74
Hydrogen Fuel Leak = 74 (the reason for the “scrubbing”)
Moon Mission = 74 (what they “scrubbed”)
Mike Sarafin = 74 (the mission manager)

Scrubbed = 142
Moon Mission = 142
It’s all Fabricated = 142

Scrubs = 82
Engine Bleed = 82
Ordo ab Chao = 82 (Order out of Chaos, Freemasonic motto)

I will not go deeper into this story, as we already know that it’s all fake and coded by the numbers. Instead, I’ll leave you with this funny little video from Hugo Talks, where he actually is quite right on the ‘money.’

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