Mocking 101: India Land a Masonic CGI-Toy on the Moon

Only a few days after the silly story about the failure of Russia’s Luna-25 lander, allegedly crashing into the moon’s surface, we are yet again mocked with the worst faked moon landing in history, allegedly achieved by a CGI rendered toy spaceship from India.
While Russia is symbolically playing the role of the villain on the world stage, with the fake CGI-war in Ukraine, India is now, as the “great achievers,” symbolic of the fall of the west, or the ‘burning of the west’ — where the ‘West’ must symbolically burn in ‘cleansing’ fire before entering a new age.

NASA claims that they landed on the moon in 1969, where they drove a “moon buggy” and played golf. All-in-all, they claim six crewed missions to the moon between 1969 and 1972. Then NASA, according to their own official statement, lost all the data and destroyed the technology, and not even 50 years later they are able to reconstruct it.
So, in 2023, the best we can get is an unmanned cartoon-spaceship allegedly landing on the surface. Of course, there has never been any moon landings, but they actually faked it better back in 1969.
In truth, they cannot go to the moon, and most likely, the moon is not something you can land on. It’s either plasma, ice, or a reflection/projection.
And if you still believe in this moon landing crap, I don’t know what to tell you, as you’re obviously immune to logic, reasoning and any form of discernment.

The faked landing by India, itself, features something that you might have seen in a High-School Science Fiction fair from the early 80’s, or in an 80’s computer video game. It’s mockingly bad on purpose. However, it does have the Masonic checkerboard on it, and when the silly thrusters ignite, they form a nice Masonic ‘M’, making the “spacecraft” look like the Masonic symbol of the Square and Compass. Also, the toy is called ‘Chandrayaan-3,’ with ‘3’ being a hidden flipped ‘M.’ And of course, the obvious question would be what actually took that alleged footage.

Dark to Light. Freemason logo on checkerboard.

Sure, they will likely claim that it indeed was an animation of what took place, but we all know that it is fake anyways. And even if they admit that, why mock us with such bad graphics? Any computer artist within computer game development could have made something semi-realistic in a few hours.

However, every single news outlet reports it as, “Watch the moment India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft made history” as the bad animation took place. That is called deception.
And while everyone is laughing on social media at the obvious fake landing, all official channels and mainstream media are flooded by hoorays and positive comments made by fake AI-bot accounts, and perhaps, a few gullible sheep.

Here is the official video:

Swedish children television show Jalle, Julle & Hjulius, made in the late 70’s, did a better job with the special effects.

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