The Infodemic: Kanye West’s Twitter Account Suspended by Musk — Updated (Decode)

This will be a short follow-up on this morning’s article about former Bill Hicks interviewing Ye-dolf West on his Alex Jones Show, where Ye blurted out, once again, his admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Actually, this part of their script started with Ye-dolf’s visit to Mar-a-Lago to chat with Donald Trump as West is supposedly running for President and wanted some words of advice. To stir things up for the media, he was accompanied with the puppet Nick Fuentes, who also, for some reason, was invited to the same interview yesterday with Alex ‘Hicks’ Jones. Since that visit at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump has seen to be falling out of favor a little bit, and the lights have instead been on their puppet Ye, the symbol of the burning West, their ‘system reset tool.’ If you’re new to this, please read today’s article before moving on:

Kanye West on Alex Jones – Breaking the Internet (System Reset)

Now, all this ties into Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Elon is nothing more than another puppet – a construct, a scripted character played by an actor created upon Wernher von Braun’s ‘The Mars Project;’ pushing fake space, phallic-rockets, transhumanism, sterilizing microwave electric cars and other tools of destruction, lies and deceit. He is just as controlled and scripted as all the other characters on the world theatrical stage. That is, they are part of a story and they get talking points by their handlers. And these mentioned above are all part of the infodemic script, the war on information and the planned looming laws for what will be deemed as misinformation and terrorism. The ‘infodemic’ is simply one of many parts of their Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, their plan that will usher us into their Age of Aquarius. Most likely prosperous and lovely for the selected few, while the rest of humanity, the other 99% will be in chackles under the Digital ID and the Social Credit Score System.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, there are several layers to these scripts that they are playing, the scripts they use to shape our reality and string people along towards their milestones in ‘their’ history they create for us. One part is simply ritualistic, as they all belong to occult orders. That is why everything is planned and played out by the numbers, using numerology and gematria. They love to put on a show, both for themselves and for the sleeping masses. And those dumbed down who rely on what the media feeds them, they see something completely different – they do not understand that it’s all just part of their show, of their ongoing 24/7 live drama that is being played on the world stage. Everything, down to the smallest detail, is part of their story-telling. And that is why some of us try to decode these events and why we try to break their spell. And within these rituals of riddles, we have the true purpose – their lust and hunger to shape the world as they see fit – and what they have planned is all dotted down in UN’s Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050.

So, this ritual of Ye West going on the Hicks Jones Show, raving about Hitler and Nazis and then posting, according to CNN, an altered image of the Star of David with a swastika inside on his Twitter, leading to his account being suspended again, is just part of that script. It’s drama for the sleeping masses who still split into the left or right, into Democrats or Republicans or even “far-right” and Q’tards. And it’s also slowly pushing that needle of what is acceptable and what has to be censored, what will be hate-speech or even terrorism. It’s part of the ‘infodemic’ and Elon Musk and his Twitter now plays a vital roll in this script. It will most likely be used to lobby new laws about restrictions to free-speech and the ongoing censorship. Twitter will be the Trojan Horse in the information war.


Joseph Acquaviva did an excellent decode of this ritual, showing that they all are following the script.

Or the undeniable and quick summary:

And a nice decode by Anthony:

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