Kanye West on Alex Jones – Breaking the Internet (System Reset)

On December 1st, Ye (Kanye West,) was interviewed on the Alex Jones Show all covered in symbolic puffy clothes with the ‘West is burning’ flames printed on the inside of the jacket’s hood, and a black mask to cover his face. I covered this symbolism in my post about the fake explosions on the Crimea bridge, where the ‘West’ must symbolically burn in ‘cleansing’ fire before entering a new age. And that is what we see with all these stories and the downfall of everything decent and moral in our society.

As for the interview, Alex Jones starts with saying, ‘Let’s break the Internet,” as an alluring appetizer for all the controversial crap that is about to hit the literal fan. And of course, the second guest on the show is another scripted puppet and controversial actor in Nick Fuentes, who off the bat started talking about ‘how to save the West,’ not the ‘US of America,’ but the keyword ‘West.’ And that brings me back to this script and how they use Ye, as in Kanye West, to ‘reset the system,’ (as in “breaking the Internet,” resetting it.) I wrote about this in my last article about Ye, where he followed a script in a staged ‘paparazzi interview’ and “spilled the beans” about how his mother was sacrificed by those in power.

The Death Ritual of Kanye West’s Mother as he Allegedly Tells Us About Ritual Sacrifice

I closed that article with the following statement:

As I said, everything he does, and they do, is scripted by the numbers. He’s nothing but a puppet; and he will continue to make ‘waves’ as they will use him as a “system reset tool.” This simply means that the ‘conscious focus’ of the “current thing” will shift without the sleeping masses noticing. The programming and the scripts running the online bots and real-life Flesh Robots (NPC’s) will switch overnight. ‘The Thing’ they were obsessively crusading for yesterday will be forgotten, as the new ‘current thing’ will be in focus. We’ve seen this over and over again all through history.”

In this interview, Kanye said he likes Adolf Hitler because he made the microphone, and then adding that, “every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.” This mention of Hitler, once again, is not by accident; it’s part of their script and also the numerology, as December 1st was 32 weeks and 2 days after Hitler’s birthday, as in 322, i.e., Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry. Of course, the show was full of similar statements following the ‘Jew script’ with the occasional “anti-Semitic” jokes; all to add fuel to the ‘fire’ that ‘burns’ hot among the left, the libtards and the current censorship narrative. So, in extension, the theme of this interview goes back to the ongoing information war, the infodemic, and it’s not by coincidence that Alex Jones of ‘Infowars’ acted as the host.
Again, they play the sleeping masses as a fiddle, changing focus to the new ‘current thing,’ stringing both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ along by their tune.

And yes, that featured image for the article symbolically shows the current prominent actors on the world stage, all puppets controlled by the same hand, hence the similar gestures.
Also, keep in mind that Ye, Kanye West, plays the role, .i.e., the character, of a ‘black’ Marilyn Manson. Hence the ‘White Lives Matters’ and his Black Skinhead routine — and now wearing a black mask. That also means that he might be set up for a hate crime in the near future. We’ll see how it plays out. But the clues are there.

As I’m again running out of time, I might come back and update/add to this article. As of now, I’ve only had time to ‘speed-through’ the interview, and I’ve only glanced at the reactions of the mainstream media. More will most likely be revealed on social platforms and how the online bots and the NPCs are reacting and what they share.

I did a ‘short’ follow-up here, as Elon Musk suspended Ye Wests Twitter account:

The Infodemic: Kanye West’s Twitter Account Suspended by Musk

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