Puppet Kanye West (Ye) Now Outed as Admirer of Adolf Hitler – Connected to Trump getting Back on Twitter?

The propaganda around Ye, aka., ‘Kanye West’ continues, as he is part of the metascript and symbolism for the burning West – that the West metaphorically has to burn, as in being reset, before we can have their ‘New Age,’ their ‘New World Order.’

I covered that script and symbolism in these posts:

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And, of course, Kanye has been labeled as a crazy conspiracy theorist as well, and is used to make everyone who questions the narrative to look bad. So, this ‘Adolf Hitler’ obsession comes as no surprise, and is, of course, scripted and part of their rituals.

Adolf Hitler’s birth name, according to the birth certificate at the Hitler Archives, is stated as ‘Adolfus,’ making his real birth name ‘Adolfus Hitler.’

This is an interesting fact, as the name ‘Adolfus Hitler’ gives us the very Jesuit number of 201. And with that, can you guess the date-numerology of Kanye West’s birthday and the date of this article? Of course, it will sum to 201!

Kanye West was born on June 8, and this ‘Hitler’ article on October 27 comes 20-weeks and 1 day after his birthday, as in 201.

Adolfus Hitler = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

And, as the CNN headline puts it, ‘admiring Hitler.’

Admiring Hitler = 201

And remember, Adolf Hitler allegedly died at age 56, their beloved hoax-code.

Kanye = 56
Adolf Hitler = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Again, just another fabricated story to fit the script and their rituals. Also keep in mind that Adolf Hitler is tied to Donald Trump in many ways, as media compared him to Hitler. Donald was interviewed on April 20, 2021, the birthdate of Hitler, about him running for president in 2024. And president sums to 110 just as Adolf Hitler. And one of the most important numbers around Trump is ’88,’ and Trump sums to 88, just as ‘Mein Kampf’ sums to 88. And on it goes with the ‘Capitol Insurrection’ and many other events.

This is relevant since we had puppet Elon Musk going through with “his” purchase of Twitter, where he fired the attorney – the Indian-American who spearheaded the suspension of Trump’s Twitter account. This hints at a reinstatement of Trump on Twitter, and as I decoded yesterday, the perfect day for that would be November 1st, the day leaving 60 days remaining in the year, just as Donald Trump sums to 60. Or, even more likely, on November 5, which will be a span of 666-days after he was terminated from Twitter on January 9, 2021…

So, bringing up Kanye West, who is currently associated with the social media platform of Parler, just as Trump has his Truth Social, and then this with Hitler, might hint that something is up with Trump, as they always cross-connect their rituals. And Elon did tweet (and then deleted) a photoshopped image of him, Donald and Kanye as the three Musketeers bringing Truth Social, X, and Parler together.

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