October 28: Bill Gates, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pelosi, and the Colorado River

This will be a quick recap of yesterday’s headline’s and how they are, as always, all connected by the numbers.

If you didn’t know, October 28 is Bill Gate’s birthday, and little Billy is an important actor and puppet on the world stage, which means that there will be rituals tied to him on that date.

First out we have Jerry Lee Lewis who died at age 87, just like Bill Gates sums to 87 in the simplest English cipher. Such a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

Bill Gates = 87

Of course, Bill got divorced from Melinda 87-days before his birthday last year.

Also, note that ‘Jerry Lee Lewis’ reduces to 67, and he died on Bill Gates 67th birthday.

Jerry Lee Lewis = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

Then we have the fake attack on Paul Pelosi where an alleged man broke into the Pelosi’s home and attacked Paul with a hammer, yelling “where is Nancy?”

The alleged attacker’s name is ‘David DePape,’ which sounds very much like ‘Pepe,’ as in the meme ‘Pepe the Frog.’ You know, the ugly drawn frog with the big eyes, often seen with a hammer hitting someone. Yes, a hammer, like this fake alleged attacker. That is how silly they are with their scripts.

Pepe & Pelosi

And, wouldn’t you have guessed it, that ‘DePape’ name sums to 87 in the same cipher as ‘Bill Gates’ does.

David DePape = 87
Bill Gates = 87

Another 87? Just like Bill Gates, and on his birthday. Surely another coincidence, wouldn’t you say, you coincidence theorist?

And, as for the quote, “where is Nancy,” it neatly sums to the Jesuit 144, and, of course, Paul Pelosi, her husband who allegedly got attacked, just happen to have a name that reverse to 144… Wow, all those coincidences…

Where is Nancy = 144
Paul Pelosi = 144
Jesuit Order = 144

And, for more synchronicity, they say that the fake attacker was 42-years old. In 2022, the year of the number 42

Where is Nancy = 42
Nancy Pelosi = 42
San Francisco = 42 (the Pelosi couple’s home is in San Francisco)
Jerry Lee Lewis = 42 (died the same day)
Bill Gates = 42 (same day as Bill Gates birthday)
Jesuit = 42, 42

And we also had the story about the Feds beginning an ‘expedited’ process to save the drought-stricken Colorado River by changing the ‘water’-flow by restricting ‘water’ release through the Glen Canyon and Hoover Dam. Again, this was on Bill Gate’s birthday, the day he turned 67-years-old.

Water = 67

Again, as we have shown you thousands of times, everything in the ‘News’ is fabricated and scripted by the numbers. Most is totally fake and made-up, and what small percentage that is based of real actual events, is twisted and reported on according to their agendas and numbers.

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