Body Cam Footage Released — Paul ‘Pee-Pee’ Pelosi and Pepe the Frog Need Acting Lessons

On October 28, crisis actor David DePape, a pun to Pepe the Frog, allegedly broke in to the Pelosi’s home and attacked Paul with a hammer. The circumstances have been murky at best, with a lot of changes to the story.

I covered this hilarious staged and totally fake attack in these posts:

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Now, the body cam footage from the Freemasonic crisis actors pretending to be the police has been released to the media – and it’s just as hilarious as the story itself. Remember, they sad they found glass from a broken window (on the outside, lol) and that the attacker was a right-wing Republican turned Q’tard and simply went mental on poor Paul. Now however, there’s painter’s tape around the windows at the front door, as if they did this video a few days later.

Well, if you watch (and slow down) the footage and pay attention, you can see some fake policemen knocking quietly on the door without announcing or introducing themselves and then turning away until the door opens. Not really procedure if there has been a call of alarm.

Then you see Pee-Pee barefooted in his underwear with only a shirt on, holding hands with Pepe all smiling and laughing, and with a drink in his other hand. Sure, you fetch yourself a drink if you try to get an intruder out of your home. The tweet by Musk about them being gay lovers seems more accurate… Also, if Paul had both hands occupied, who opened the door? The assailant? Is that why the police with the cam turned his back to the door? Actually, it could have been this third person… Who is that? (see clip below)

Then as the fake police tell Pepe to drop his hammer, they fake a struggle and then Pee-Pee let go and immediately step back out of view and Pepe makes a fake swing with the hammer, staging a very badly executed theatrical “attack.”

Nothing of it makes sense, it’s like they made it up on the spot without even thinking about how to make it look somewhat real.

After that, there’s some pixelation to block out obvious cues of fakery and the policemen ends up as a groupie on top of poor Pepe while no one cares about Pee-Pee who play unconscious on the floor.

But the funniest thing is the ‘dead-serious coverage by Fox claiming it to be a ‘heinous and brutal’ attack, warning its viewers that the clip is “graphic and jarring.” Yes, heinously and jarringly fake. Check their coverage here:

If there’s still people who think this is real, I’m lost for words.  

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