A Quick Break — And a Few Words on The Theatre in France

If you’ve followed my Mind Control series, you should probably be able to see through all the smoke and mirrors at this stage. Yes, there’s allegedly riots in France after a staged and fake shooting of a 17-year-old teenager, however, they’re all theatrical acts with paid crisis actors and the Freemasonic police. The footage presented in the media are cherry-picked clips (and even deepfake with green-screen actors) from these small staged riots from isolated locations where the actors were allowed to destroy some property, the same script as in Ukraine, with people minding their own business only a block away, including shots of buildings covered in purple light, the color of illusion in mind control. Several of my friends who live in France have confirmed this, the only thing they’ve seen has been police vehicles doing theatrical laps around a few blocks with their blue flashing lights – pretending and giving the illusion to race off to deal with riots that does not exist. Again, as everything presented in the media, it’s just a show on the world stage to push controlled opposition.
If you’re interested, check one of the best debunkers on Twitter for more information: https://twitter.com/LezLuthor

Also, Fakeologist did an episode on this with IPS/Tim Ozman:

As for the next part of the Mind Control series, it will be back tomorrow unless something big happens on the world stage. I need a little break today and also need to catch up with a few clients.

And again, thanks for all the support!

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