Crap from the Headlines: Katy Perry Broken Doll Eye, Pelosi Attacked by Pepe, and Twitter Firing ‘Woke’tards’

Although I’ve covered most of these stories, there have been further developments that is just too funny not to comment on.

First, we have the super-silly prank by actor and puppet Katy Perry, where she faked a ‘glitch-out,’ which she called a “broken doll eye party trick,” with her eye as a PR-stunt for her upcoming show in Las Vegas next year. While many fell for this and used it as a meme for vaccine injuries or MK-Ultra blackouts, most of us could tell that it was obviously a prank. However, super-shill, former actor/musician and controlled opposition Stew Peters ran with this, as he does with everything. He just picks up shit from the floor and throws it at the wall to see what sticks, kind of like the early Alex Jones did. And here you have Katy Perry trolling her followers with a broken eye trick, and Stew Peters includes it in his trailer for his anti-vax documentary ‘Died Suddenly.’ Ridiculous, but very clever when you are controlled opposition, as it will make all anti-vaxxers seem like gullible idiots (which is the only purpose of ‘Died Suddenly’ — to hijack the movement and ridicule it, saying that viruses exists, which is a lie.) Stew Peters also reported on, and included the hoax with blood clots from embalmers.

Then we had actor and puppet Elon Musk going through with “his” acquisition of Twitter. In reality, Elon Musk is only a figurehead for the ruling hidden hand, and he has nothing to say about the operation of Twitter — the real owners are still Vanguard and BlackRock, as I explained in my previous post. However, Q’tards and the like celebrates this as some kind of victory, as they are totally clueless about how things actually work, and they are too stupid to see that Elon is nothing but an actor, a puppet, slowly herding the sheep into a totalitarian control system as he outlined with his ‘X, the everything app.’

And in an effort to make this acquisition and the alleged “changes” to Twitter look more real, the major ‘news outlets’ hired crisis actors to pose as ‘fired employees’ outside of the Twitter building after Elon Musk had strolled around there carrying a sink – claiming that a team of 30 woke activist data engineers had been fired. Yes, that is how desperate they are to fool people that liberal “woke” employees had been fired and that ‘free speech’ will return. Of course, the Q’tards who usually agree that media lies, swallowed these media reports and crisis actors without blinking and chuckled while having their coke and popcorn in their mother’s basements – continuing to live in their la-la-land of psy-ops.

Here’s a tweet from a real Twitter employee, Project Manager Paul Lee, debunking the crisis actors:

And then we have the Pelosi Hammer attack by a crisis actor going by the fabricated name of David DePape, who allegedly broke into the Pelosi home with a hammer. A photo from the scene shows a broken window with glass on the outside, but never mind that little mistake. What is funny is that they tried to make it seem like the attacker was a right-wing Republican turned Q’tard and he even had his own personal website. Yeah, a cheap unfinished template website with the domain name “,” which was registered on September 8, 2022, and with a few badly written posts actually pre-dating the registration. The earliest posts seem to be from August. In other words, an utterly badly faked website put up in an effort to make this ‘David DePape’ character look real.

Even funnier is the fake last name of ‘DePape,’ as I mentioned in my earlier article from Bill Gate’s birthday, ‘DePape’ sounds like ‘Pepe,’ as in the meme Pepe the Frog. As a note, Pepe is often seen in these memes with a hammer, hitting stupid people. Also, pepe is a symbol for the alt-right, and this ‘DePape’ was scripted as a alt-right extremist. And the language used in these Pepe-memes is a kind of ‘lol-speak’ where you remove some letters to give the impression of a more childish language. In these memes, the word ‘friendly’ is written as ‘frenly,’ and ‘friends’ is written as ‘frens,’ and what was the domain name of the fake website? Yes, ‘’

They are really mocking you with this one!

Here’s a good summary:

Again, repeat after me, ‘The World is a Stage,’ and everything in the news and media is fake AF!

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