Mainstream Media, Alternative Media and Controlled Opposition Playing the Same Game

I’ve touched on this many times, especially in my media– and ‘auto-hoax’ articles from several years ago. However, looking at my social media feeds after the obviously staged and fake mass shootings in Lewiston, this needs to be addressed again.

When it comes to these staged and totally fake shootings (I covered and decoded more than 80 fake shootings since 2021,) it’s all about their current ‘political’ agendas, their occult and satanic rituals, and ultimately to keep people in fear and to slowly strip them of their rights for their own “safety.”

Anyone who is playing along with these staged and fake shootings, as if they were real, are in actuality empowering and encouraging mass-induced trauma-based mind-control. And that is why the controlled mainstream media portrays any event as real and the shooter as some ‘right-wing’ extremist nutjob, while the other side of the same coin, the controlled Alternative Media and Controlled Opposition posing as truthers and ‘qanons,’ twist the narrative to claim that the shooter was a mind-controlled “MK-Ultra” agent. Both narratives are simply covers to protect the fundamental lie, that it was a staged operation; a psy-op using government people sworn into allegiance with the Freemasons and their Jesuit superiors, using crisis actors, mannequins, and computer-generated images and records of people who never existed.

Unfortunately, most people, as in the brainwashed masses, the sheep, will continue to believe in these fake events as they are both programmed to believe that anything on the ‘tell-a-lie-vision’ is real and they are also addicted – addicted to the fear and the idea of psychopaths running around killing at random. And that is why both sides of the coin of those playing on the world stage produce different narratives to these events to lure in all kind of people, but still treat them as if they actually happened. They only allow questions such as why and how, instead of the most critical question of all; did it really happen, or was it an act performed like a drill?

Remember, when they stage an event and nobody got hurt, they did not commit a crime. They just followed the ‘Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012’ and acted in the ‘interest’ of the country and for ‘the best’ of the people (as in protecting them from themselves by creating support for new freedom-restricting laws.)

If you’re beginning to wake up to the reality of our world, or if you already are awake and aware, these staged and fake events actually present a great opportunity to weed out fake media, government shills and controlled opposition. When we clearly can see that everything was coded by the numbers, matched with gematria, that the crisis actors were embarrassingly bad and obvious, that the story was full of holes — anyone who pretends that this actually happened is someone to call out and put on the black list. Anyone in any kind of official position, or claiming to be a truther or ‘awake,’ who plays along with these mass-induced trauma-based mind-control events are shills, they are controlled, or simply extremely stupid and trapped in the qanon-nonsense. Either way, they are not to be trusted or followed, they are to be questioned and exposed. The burden of proof is on them. To assume or believe the premise established by the initial media reports of any event is to build your perception on a foundation of hearsay.

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