The Year of Skull and Bones Freemasonry – Ordo ab Chao

So far this year, we’ve had staged shootings and celeb deaths every day until “spy” balloons and unidentified objects started showing up for about a week, then they mysteriously stopped showing up after the Super Bowl, and the shootings returned instead. Then we had several staged train derailment psy-ops, as mirrored by the old movies Super 8 and White Noise (White Noise was about a toxic derailment in East Palestine, using locals as actors, just as in this psy-op that just happened) – actually to such a degree that even mainstream media reported the same fake news story originally written for fake news sites and made viral by AI bots, claiming toxic spill and hazmat situations at East Palestine, Ohio. Yep, that is some ‘white noise’ for sure, fueling the infodemic and the argument that only registered media companies should be allowed to write news and that the internet must be censored. And speaking of which, those fake toxic train derailments were accompanied with several explosions and fires at different plants and factories. Actually, we had another one staged as a ‘uranium fire’ at the National Nuclear Security Administration complex in Tennessee, only a few days ago.

One of our members over at our uncensored community Ungovernable recently posted the question why the number of current psy-ops and staged events are literally exploding at the moment, and what are they distracting us from?

Well, we are in 2023, the year of Skull and Bones Freemasonry, the year of the rabbit (as in the rabbit hole,) and this is what we predicted. The Freemasonic motto for ruling is simply ‘Ordo ab Chaos’, order out of chaos, and that is what we see. Saturating the news feed with so much staged and fake news that no one can keep up, much less verify any of the stories. While all these events are ritualistic and a way for them to manifest their power and control our reality, they still serve a purpose on the fake world stage of politics, government, and laws.

What we know for sure is that they are working hard to implement Agenda 2030, as in a Digital ID requirement for everything, and that this ID will be tied to a social credit score system — making sure you behave like a good little slave. They work on 15-minute Smart Cities with strict travel restrictions. They want to own all land, all resources, and all kind of food production; forcing us to consume human kibble made of plant-based sludge, bugs, and synthetic poisons. They want to abolish ownership and force us to rent the few things we need. And out of all these things and more, one of the most important things for them is to control the food supply, to remove our only real source of nutrition as in animal foods, to instead make us consume complete garbage totally void of nutrition made in their food processing chemical plants, as that will make us weak, sickly, docile and even more easy to control. Such a population can never stand up and fight, and can never make it on its own without the teat of sustenance, electricity, heat, water and other comforts only provided by big brother, the government. Someone that is totally dependent on the system can never rebel, can never break free.

And that is why we have seen food farms burning, why they have faked viruses and disease among chicken farms, forcing them to kill millions and trash tonnes of eggs. And that is what the Ohio train derailment was all about. East Palestine and the surrounding area are filled with “organic” farms, meat processing plants and other plantations. There’s no need to poison the earth when you can fake it with some pyrotechnics. So, they faked the toxic spill to give them an excuse to stage another small attack on our food production. And they will continue to do this in small steps.

As for what else is going on, I bet we will soon find out. They have set the stage for more war, including race wars with the long ongoing refugee migration.

One thing is for sure, they will not slow down. And the only advice I can give is build relations with likeminded, create your own small societies of diverse resources and skills. I covered this here.

How Should the World be Run? What Can We Do?

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