Iran and Israel Psy-Op and Fake Stabbing Spree in Australia

This weekend has been rather busy with ongoing psy-ops and scripted events. Unfortunately, I’m very short on time as I have clients in need of my immediate help, so this will be a simple recap of the two biggest events.

In the last two days, the media has brewed a new conflict between Israel and Iran. And this morning, April 14, 2024, Israel that was founded on May 14, 1948, turned 911 months old, as in the famous hoax code going back to 9/11. And how did they celebrate this occasion? Yes, with an Iranian drone launch followed by a FAKE missile attack – simply a silly lightshow of pyrotechnics in the night sky with, as reported by the media, no injuries at all.

Of course, this psy-op follows the ongoing fake war script, reignited by Russia and Ukraine, followed by Israel and Hamas, and now with Iran.

And remember, all footage from Ukraine was fake – either taken from old archive footage, from training exercise footage, or even from video games! They even manipulated footage to make it seem like buildings were destroyed, when in reality they were untouched, as showed by countless of Ukrainians filming their neighborhoods after every fake news article. We will see the exact same thing with this staged and fake Iran vs. Israel conflict.

Joseph Acquaviva did a quick decode on the fake attack:

And this Saturday, April 13, we had one of the laziest staged and totally fake “mass stabbings” in a long while. The footage is quite hilarious. There is absolutely no blood anywhere, and we see a police officer crisis actor doing CPR on an alleged victim’s stomach – very similar to previous staged and fake shootings. It’s so bad that they’re mocking the dumbed down audience, challenging them to question it all – but very few do. Most zombies simply swallow it whole, believing it to be real.

(And as always, you have government shills jumping in on X on their fake accounts trying to defend the event as real, which just makes it even more hilarious.)

As for the stabbing ritual itself, it was a clear Jesuit ritual with very strong connections to Pope Francis and to Barack Obama as the Antichrist. Again, Joseph did a great decode on it, once again showing that it was fake, planned, and scripted by the numbers.

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