Ye, Kanye West, Claims Elon Musk is a Clone, Engineered Like Obama

Ye, aka., Kanye West, continues to throw out small baits of old ‘conspiracy theories’ to lure in the baby truthers to put him on a pedestal as ‘the real deal’ – and many will swallow it, hook, line and sinker. We already know that he is controlled opposition, just an actor playing his part by the script on the world stage. Question is, is there any small fragment of truth in these statements? That is, that Elon Musk is a ‘half-Chinese’ genetic hybrid clone, and that Barack Obama is a clone of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten?

Well, people have been programmed with the idea of clones through sci-fi novels, tv-programs, and movies for the last 100 years. It’s part of the transhuman agenda and the idea of living forever, which of course, is fronted by their figurehead Elon Musk with his ‘Neuralink’ implants and other evil technology of absolute control and enslavement.
Also, Elon is a perfect target for the ‘clone conspiracies’ as he simply looks weird, hence all the memes making fun of his pale skin and barrel chest – something that is common among people with lung disease (emphysema and chronic bronchitis,) Osteoarthritis, or Cystic fibrosis. Also, as with several world stage actors, his appearance, his hair, and facial structures has changed a lot over the years if you compare photos. This could be from the usage of hormones and/or plastic surgery. Also, it could be the simple fact that the most famous puppets are played by more than one actor, and although they have had the technology of facial masks and body suits down to perfection for at least 20 or 30 years, there will always be small differences depending on who is wearing them. Keep in mind, the incredible facial masks we saw demonstrated in videos 5 or 10 years ago was what was commercially available. What they use on the world stage is years ahead. Also, consider real time deep fake technology, that is used on everything televised or streamed to your screen. They have so many tools to deceive us that’s it’s impossible to keep up or even know about half of them.

Image by courtesy of Joseph Acquaviva.

Now, as for cloning. Who knows? As for the science presented to us, everything is pure made-up nonsense. This is easy to expose if you actually go a step further and look at how they come up with their “science,” how they conduct their “experiments” to establish their models that everything is built upon.
I’ve explained this in previous posts regarding the fact that no virus has even been isolated or proven to exist. In that post I explained that we do not have a 100% proven image of a real living human cell. All images are slightly different and they come from dead sliced-up tissue that has been dissolved in poison, frozen and photographed under an electron microscope which heats the sample to 150°C (302F) at the moment the picture is taken. From this distorted garbage, they built a theoretical model of how a cell could work by using data from cell cultures viewed under microscopes and how cells reacted to various stimuli. And as they could not explain all blobs and distortions in the electron image, they built a new theory of RNA and DNA to support their model of the cell. Yes, that is what their “science” is based on. Shoddy images of cell debris and pure speculation, including more theories and speculation to support the model.

In other words, the mainstream “science” that is taught on the world stage to scientists, doctors, is simply pseudo-science, a bunch of speculation and theories, and thus anything that has to do with the current accepted definition of mRNA, RNA or DNA, is nothing more than fantasies, pseudo-science.

With that being said, I’m not dismissing the idea of cloning or altering the cellular mechanics of the body, only the known accepted “science.” There is still a big possibility that the ruling “elite” and their henchmen have hidden a lot of science from us, and that they actually have the real map of our cells and what make us tick. There might be plenty of secret underground labs working on things we could only speculate about.

So, with that in mind, what is more likely? Some secret hidden knowledge of making clones and actually put them up on the world stage, or MK-Ultra actors simply using body suits and facial masks and/or plastic surgery?

Well, I couldn’t tell you, I’m simply giving you something to ponder, a few alternate views seldom discussed as a lot of ‘truthers’ are quick to jump on any popular theory and bandwagon.

And as for Ye, aka., Kanye West, coming back to Instagram after being suspended on Twitter to post these ‘conspiracy theories’ it was all part of the script, all done by the numbers as always. As I’m running out of time this morning, I will leave the decoding to my extremely competent friend and fellow decoder, Joseph Acquaviva. Check his video below.

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