NYC Mayor Eric Adams Shilling for Agenda 2030 Vegan Enslavement

The Jesuit’s puppet Eric Adams, who plays the role of New York City’s mayor, wants to cut the city’s meat budget in order to reduce emissions tied to the city’s food procurements by a Freemasonic 33 percent by 2030.

How about that? Two psy-ops in one ritual to kick off ‘Earth Week.’ We already know that the climate change agenda is complete bullocks, a gigantic hoax. And we also know that the extremely unhealthy and even deadly cult of veganism is an even more sinister agenda of human destruction tied to the enslavement vision of UN’s Agenda 2030, as I have exposed numerous times. So, it comes as no surprise that they stick the Freemasonic ‘33’ in our faces in reference to the year 2030, as in Agenda 2030.

Now, this plant-based zealotry mayor was born on September 1, 1960, and can you guess the numerical connection to his birthday with April 17, the day of this utter ridiculous statement? Could it be 33? Of course, it is! A 33% reduction announced on the day connected with 33-numerology to his birthday. What an incredible coincidence! (that’s sarcasm, folks.)

April 17 comes 137 days before Adam’s September 1 birthday, and 137 is the 33rd prime number!

Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

They love to push veganism and to tie it to the fake climate change crisis. As you know, nutrition and health are subjects very close to my heart, as I have worked professionally with nutrition, health, and body composition for almost 30 years. And I’ve helped more than 60 ex-vegans to heal and reclaim their health, as well as taken part of hundreds of similar stories, so I’ve seen the damage first hand. Humans are carnivores and we cannot function for long without meat and animal fat, as our health and body start to deteriorate as hormone levels plummet, nutrition deficiencies strip our body and shuts it down, and we start to age rapidly. It makes women infertile and turn men into feminized weak shadows of themselves – all in perfect alignment with their other ongoing agendas. If you can’t see or understand this simple fact, you have been properly conditioned and programmed.

And, since they do everything backwards, they tell you that meat production is bad for the environment, when anyone with a functional brain or anyone who actually have done some farming, knows that meat production is part of the eco system and very good for the environment, while plant-based agriculture is extremely toxic and bad for the environment, and the biggest killer of wild life on Earth. However, the majority of our population is so dumbed down and conditioned to not have a thought of their own, or to question ridiculous statements, that they just go along with the theatre.

April 17 also came with a full 64-date numerology, making it a perfect match for a ritual involving this Mayor Eric Adams.

4/17/2023 = 4 + 17 + 20 + 23 = 64

Mayor Eric Adams = 64

And remember, Agenda 2030, aka., the New World Order, is all about their keyword ‘sustainability,’ which simply is a codeword for ‘malnourishment,’ as they want us malnourished in both body and mind to keep us enslaved in their world stage prison.

4/17/2023 = 4 + 17 + 20 + 23 = 64

New World Order = 64
Sustainability = 64
Malnourishment = 64

Now, this mayor Adam will surely burn in hell together with his masters and their other puppets, as their crimes against humanity is unspeakable.

And more importantly, people really need to wake up! Food, as in nourishment, is one of the most important things in life, as without proper animal-based nutrition, we become dulled, confused, weakened, dumbed down, and easier to control.

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