Louisville and Dadeville Staged Mass Shootings of Saturday

As I said numerous times, you just can’t have a Saturday without a staged and fake mass shooting, or several, if the Masons are up for it.

This is actually the third shooting in Louisville in the last week! Of course, it’s also been the 33rd week after Mayor Craig Greenberg’s birthday, as the shootings started on the 10th of April, exactly on the first day of the 33rd week after his birthday, and the last one was this Saturday, 33 weeks and 5 days after his birthday. Surely one of those Freemasonic coincidences.

And as for Saturdays and shootings, it’s all in their language of gematria and in following the script.

Saturday = 107, 109, 53, 37, 102
Shooting = 107, 109, 53, 37, 102

Now, this Saturday, April 15, the 105th day of the year, the Masons staged shootings in two cities of ‘-ville,’ as in Louisville, Kentucky, and in Dadeville, Alabama. However, the similarities do not end there. It’s all about the code, about the gematria. Adding the states, these two locations share some basic gematria, making this being a coincidence a mathematical impossibility.

Louisville, Kentucky = 105
Dadeville, Alabama = 105

Remember, this was during the 33rd week after the Louisville mayor’s birthday.

Masonry = 105, 33

Not only were these shootings staged on the 105th day of the year. In numerology, zeroes hold no value, so they can be removed. Thus 105 is the same as 15, as in April 15, the 105th day of the year and the day when the staged shootings were acted out in these cities. Also note that the article on the Dadeville shooting on April 15, claims that 15 teenagers were treated for gunshot wounds. Then they end the article with claiming that more than 160 mass shootings have been (staged) in the U.S. in the first 15 weeks of 2023, and that is an average of 1.5, like 15, mass shootings a day. That’s some nicely fabricated numbers for April 15!

Funny that they reached 160 mass shootings, like 16, when this Dadeville shooting allegedly took place during a “sweet 16 party.” Every single number coded. Ridiculous!

If someone reads these articles and does not notice all this scripted programming, they really need to come of the sugar and fluoride. Their brain is not working.

And can you guess how they coded the time of the fake shooting in Dadeville? Could it be with 15? Perhaps a Freemasonic 33 to let you know who did it? Yes, then you’ll be right on the money! They claim the shooting happened at 10:34 p.m., a timestamp that in reverse gematria, their favorite, reduces to both 15 and 33! I kid you not!

10:34 p.m. = 33, 15 (33 = Mason, 15 as in April 15)

In numerology, 10:34 is simply ‘134,’ like the value of ‘Louisville’ where the other staged shooting took place. That’s a nice little way of connecting them, especially since 134 was used in the first (bank) shooting on April 10, 134 days after the mayor’s birthday

10:34 p.m. = 1034 = 134

Louisville = 134

And CNN even posted a photo from the scene in Dadeville with a bullet hole in a window. Of course, there is a very visible banner above that window with the text, “Mahogany Masterpiece,” as in “MM,” or ‘33’ when flipped clockwise. One of the oldest tricks and Freemasonic calling cards. It also shows a symbol of a polygon with two slightly tilted lines, forming a masonic ‘M’ at the bottom. And as you should know, the polygon is used for the five-pointed star (pentagram upside-down) of Satanism. They are mocking you with every word and every picture — always.

Unfortunately, this is all I have time for this morning as we will get a new ventilation system installed this week, and that work starts around 7 a.m. and the work crew will need access to my rooms. And having a large wolf dog and a mid-sized Husky girl who both are very social but dislike noise and disorder will keep me busy and on my toes.

For more on these extremely fake and staged shootings, check my good friend Joseph Acquviva’s video decodes below, and make sure to like and support his work!

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