Veganism a Jesuit Psy-Op

The Veganism Psy-Op to further the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

Veganism and Plant-Based diets are part of the long-planned enslavement for humankind and the ushering of the New World Order.

Vegans and Plant-Based Retards help The Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations, and World Economic Forum to achieve “The Great Reset” for the 2030 Smart Cities – where you are a microchipped docile slave and own nothing. This is why veganism is pushed by all these satanic Jesuit-controlled organizations and why social media is full of paid shills – playing on the feelings of the weak-minded.

Plant-based foods are very toxic, totally void of nutrition, and simply emergency ‘fuel’ for humans. They should NEVER be dominant in your diet! Do not fall for their pseudoscience and lies. Veganism is a weapon against the people. Do your research!

Let’s see what they actually mean with these buzz-words by looking at them with their own language – Gematria.

Vegan: 49
Malnourish: 49
Soulless: 49

Vegan: 49 (Septenary)
Malnourishment: 49 (Septenary)

Vegan: 22
Satanic: 22
Dying: 22
Jesuits: 22
Fake: 22

Vegan: 86
Jesuits: 86

Vegan: 23
Fake: 23
Soulless: 23

Double matches for ‘fake’, as that is what it is, for ‘soulless’, because that is what a deficient and toxic diet will make you, and for ‘Jesuits’, the Catholic order behind this Psy-Op. And where do we find a lot of push for veganism? Yes, in New Age movements. And New Age is satanic, as coded into ‘Vegan’.

New Age: 55, 28, 107, 26
Satan: 55
Satan Worship: 55
Evil Agenda: 55
Lie: 55, 26
Agenda 2030: 28
Psy-Op: 28
Sun God: 28, 26
The Occult: 107
Agenda 21: 26

Quite obvious what New Age is all about. Let’s look at more words for ‘vegan’.

Veganism: 90
Deceivers: 90
Depopulation Agenda: 90
The New World Order: 90

Veganism: 36
Agenda 2030: 36
IHS (sigil of the Jesuits): 36

Veganism: 126, 45
Climate: 126, 45
Deceivers: 45
IHS (sigil of the Jesuits): 45
Lies: 45
Mentally Ill: 45
Vision 2050: 45

Double hits on ‘climate’, since they use ‘veganism’ as an excuse for the Climate Change Hoax (when in reality it is the opposite, as always with these cabals.) And double matches for ‘deceivers’, as that is what it is all about, and for ‘IHS¨, the sigil of the Jesuit Order.  We also see all three UN agendas in there; Agenda 21, 2030, and Vision 2050. Veganism is a big part of these totalitarian slave visions.
Also, lies and ‘mental illness’ is present, as that is what happens very quickly when you get malnourished from veganism.

Let’s look at the next commonly used phrase…

Plant Based: 94
Enslaved Population: 94
Roman Catholic Church: 94
Soulless: 94
Death Cult: 94

Plant Based: 31
Slave: 31
Death Cult: 31

Plant Based: 176
Depopulation: 176

Plant Based: 59
Slave: 59
Malnourish: 59
Dying: 59
Depopulation: 59
Imprisoned: 59
Freemasonry: 59
Silent War: 59

This ties it all together. We see ‘soulless’ once again and of course, the ‘depopulation’ and ‘enslavement’ agendas. Also, the words ‘death cult’ and ‘dying’ appears a second time, because that is what will happen long before your time if you follow such an evil satanic slave agenda. If you think humans are cows and can thrive on plants, you have been very much deceived. It goes against anthropology, biology, biochemistry, and simple common sense. Wake up! Humans need an animal-based diet to thrive. And that is exactly why these psy-ops have been set in motion.

And as for the Revelation of the Method, truth hidden in plain sight:

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