Monkeypox and the Anti Pets Agenda of the New World Order

Since they faked another outbreak of a virus that does not exist, this time with the ludicrous ‘monkeypox;’ headlines in Europe have been flooded with the message that rodent pets, such as hamsters and guinea pigs, has to be culled to stop the imaginary “spread,” and that patients must keep away from pets to stop “spread” to ‘wildlife.’
There are even stories claiming that these totally fake viruses is the result of our relationship with pets and animals, hinting that humans should have no contact with animals.

This is an ongoing agenda that serves several sinister purposes. The obvious one is that the ruling elite does not want you to have pets, as pets are a comfort, something to care for and show compassion to, they are a part of the family, something that makes us better humans. As they want to isolate us and make us dependent on the slave beast system, pets have to go.
The second and more important reason is nutrition, wellbeing, health and longevity. The fat, meat, organs and produce of animals are the only fully bioavailable food source for humans. We are obligate carnivores by design, anyone claiming anything else is following pseudo-science and are serving an evil agenda and should be charged for crimes against humanity. And while we can sustain life for longer periods of time on strictly plant foods while our bodies slowly break down, they obviously hurt and age us very badly and contributes to several “diseases.” Nutrition deficiencies become apparent after only weeks or months and that makes us weak and dependable on drugs to mask the symptoms of malnutrition and from slowly dying. Plant-based foods make us the perfect slaves.

All this nonsense about viruses, something that cannot exist in nature (or we would all be dead thousands of years ago,) and now the idea that some of them jump between species, is simply about starving us of our species appropriate source of nutrition. That is why they have pushed the extremely dangerous and deadly Vegan agenda, as that is part of Agenda 2030 as well. And that is why they are pushing all this ‘fake meat’ and ‘lab-grown meat’ bullocks.

While they want to hurt us by taking away our pets and sever our connection to nature and anything natural, the real attack is on farm animals and our only biological source of food. This has already happened several times with poultry and eggs, both in the UK and in the US. They poison the food or water supply, a few chickens get sick, the authorities say it’s a “contagious virus,” and all the chickens has to be culled and burned. As most livestock breeders can’t have an emotional connection to their animals more than to breed them in a healthy and respectful manner, they are easier to attack with such bullshit as imaginary diseases. And if they do not comply, they lose their license to breed and thus their livelihood. And all of us lose out as it’s the only sustainable source of real nutrition.

While Monkeypox was one part distraction for the meeting in DAVOS, it’s also one part conditioning for this looming scenario of “contagious pets and animals.” They will not start taking your pets away overnight. As with everything they do, they move slowly. They build opinion. They condition you for the future they envision. But make no mistake, they will come for our pets and our animals in waves, and it will escalate within the years to come.

I predict that we will soon see more made-up diseases followed by fake interviews with crisis actors portrayed as heroes, as they cry in media about having their pets and animals killed to prevent “spread of disease,” an act for the “greater good.”

In the years to come, you will need to be ready to stand your ground. Their laws are nothing but ‘offers,’ something for you to either accept and become a slave to, or something you reject and stand up against as a free man or woman making your own choices and having your own opinions.
They might very well send morally corrupt people who break their own laws to hold you at gun point, and you will need to defend yourself. All I can say is that my dogs are my family, and if they come after them, I will defend them with my life, just as I would with any family member ever being threatened by anyone.

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