Natural Law, your rights and the ongoing Scamdemic – Part 2: fraudulent laws for masks and fines, and dealing with ‘authorities’

The most important thing to know about Natural Law and how to practice it is that you should never do harm (or start a ‘fight’), that you should always be honorable, and always stand your ground in a calm and collected manner.
Also, you should always identify as a free man or a free woman. You only answer to your creator, to God. Any government, company or other fictional character are beneath you. They have no power over you, they are there to serve you. This important fact has slowly been erased in our society through “authority” conditioning and propaganda.

If the government or the police ask you, or tell you to do something, it is only an offer. It’s up to you to accept it (same as signing a contract, and they have you by your neck) or refuse by standing your ground as a free human being. They cannot do anything to you if you refuse. This is true with anything the government presents or lies about through media. It’s the people who bring it into reality by accepting it (or ignoring it, which is the same thing).

As for ‘laws’ to wear a face mask, they are not laws, they are offers, since they go against medical law, the constitution, EU laws, and our true law/natural law. And therefore, they cannot fine you.
Now, they can trick you as they do with most people. One is by asking for your name or for your social security number. All countries today are registered companies and if you fall into their trap and answer with your name or social security number, you admit to being a part of that fake reality, of their fake system and simply being an asset to their company – and you just signed your rights away and has to follow their tyrannical fake laws.

So, if you are a sensible human being, you know this plandemic is fake, and you refuse to wear a very harmful face mask, and a police officer stops you – do not answer any questions. You’re about to engage in a negotiation and you have to stand your ground and protect your rights. Whatever they ask you, if it is your name or to put on a mask or if they threaten you with fines, just say, “First… are you in jeopardy, do you need my help with anything?” By offering your help/assistance, you have done your duty as a free man or woman.
If they do not answer your question but goes on about their fantasy offers or threats, you stand your ground and repeat the exact same phrase/question. You do this until they admit that they do not need your help or assistance. Then you just say, “thank you, I’ve now done my duty.”, and then you just turn around and walk away. They can not do anything. And if the police officer is stupid and don’t know the real laws and try to stop you, all you need to do is to shout, “assault” and continue to do so.

Even if you’re arrested, you have done all the correct things and they are liable for any harm done to you. They will not be able to hold you and you can write a notice demanding compensation. And as I wrote in my last post, this is a whole other beast to tame. But there are people who can help you with that.

If you’re in a situation where they ask about your name and you need to give them something to further the discussion/negotiation, just say, “I’m a free man/woman, I do listen to your name, but that is not who I am. I identify as a free man/woman.” This is only to give them something to call you during the negotiation. Never give out a social security number. That is not who you are, that is what they want you to be in their reality – a slave with minimal rights.

And don’t give out statements or throw facts in their faces, instead ask them questions; questions that have them admitting that you have rights and that their ‘offers’ has no validity

And, once again, if you get into this situation you need to practice what to say and how to present yourself. Many of us has been conditioned to behave like inferior slaves when approached by the police or any other fake ‘authority’ – so you need to break that spell and you need to practice on keeping calm, honorable and standing your ground.
You also need to read more about our True Law/Natural Law than this little post. This was just from the top of my head, written in 20 minutes. This post is only a teaser to show how it works, how you can go about it, and what is possible. It’s just something to get you going in the right direction.

Contracting Covid?
And before we end this little post. Let’s ask another important question. Why do they use the phrase, “Contracting Covid?”
While it conveniently shortens to CC or 33 as in Freemasonry, as C is the third letter, it is all in the wording, the written language they use to fool us.

In the real law, that is, Natural Law, we only abide to contracts we agree upon. You can never be forced to do anything unless you agree to their offer, in other words, you sign a contract. Now, keep in mind that viruses do not exist, that the pandemic is all staged and fake, what does that simple phrase “Contracting Covid” actually mean? Yes, it’s word-play on entering a contract.

contractor (n.)
1540s, “one who enters into a contract,” from Late Latin contractor “one who makes a contract,” agent noun from past-participle stem of Latin contrahere “to draw several objects together; draw in, shorten, lessen, abridge,” metaphorically “make a bargain, make an agreement,” from assimilated form of com “with, together” (see con-) + trahere “to draw” (see tract (n.1)).
From 1680s as “a muscle which contracts a part.” Specifically “one who enters into a contract to provide work, services, or goods at a certain price or rate” is from 1724.

Since the virus do not exist, since it’s all staged theatre, what they show you in the media is simply an offer – a new reality that you either accept (sign the contract) or refuse/do not consent to.
Since most people are deeply brainwashed and living in their fantasy world, it’s not always that we are aware that we are signing a contract. However, when one becomes aware it becomes clear where you choose to contract yourself.

Do not play their game, do not ‘contract Covid’ and give away your soul, just say no. Do not consent!

Notes from Facebook comments:
For those new to this, when I write that the most important rule in Natural Law is “Do No Harm”, that encapsulates a lot of different things – pretty much like the ten commandments. If you hurt or kill someone, you’re in violation of Natural Law unless you were attacked first and are defending yourself. You should never start a fight. If you steal from somebody, you are doing harm to that person and you are in violation of Natural Law. Same with idolatry, adultery, and so on.
These are the only laws that matters. Do no harm and be honorable – always keep your end of a bargain/contract. Any other made-up Maritime laws are only offers from illegitimate self-proclaimed authority who try to trick you into their system and to give up your rights. And yes, we have to live in that system, so at times we have to compromise. But what is important is to understand how this works and to know when to stand your ground and simply say no thank you.

Remember, everything is a negotiation, you are entering into a contract (as in commercial law). If they want you to do something or if they want something from you, it’s on them to provide evidence that they have the power to do so.
Most of the time they do not, unless you have signed or verbally agreed to a contract. If you sign something, you agree to their terms and you forfeit your rights. There are some ways around this in certain situations, like when getting a passport or a driver license and writing “All Rights Reserved” where your signature goes, and then write your name so it “melts” into it and can not be removed or cropped out. That however, is a whole other article.

Even if you fail to stand your ground and give them your name and address (many of us get intimidated and lose our cool in certain situations), so they fine you for not wearing a dangerous self-harming face diaper, you can write them a notice. In essence, you should remain honorable by stating that you will pay their fine if they can provide evidence that it is a real law sanctioned by whatever country you live in and by the freedom act. If they can provide evidence that you are a “person” and not a free man or woman, and so on. There is help to get for these things, as there are many things to take into consideration and how to word it.

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