Natural Law, your rights and the ongoing Scamdemic – Part 1: your job and vaccines

Let’s start with a major concern – companies trying to get their employees to take the CONvid-1984 maiming vaccine for something that does not exist. First, it’s not a vaccine, it’s an experimental chemical cocktail pretending to be a medical procedure.
If they want you to take the ‘vaccine’, do not go beyond your ability – your knowledge, understanding and communication skills of Natural Law. Don’t start with threatening people, don’t do statements, don’t get hysterical or emotional, because any of that usually get them in a defensive position. Your first step should always be to have a discussion and to ask questions.

Now, the main point to understand is that no one can fire someone for not having a medical procedure. It doesn’t matter what it is they want you to get, the whole point is that it is still a medical procedure – and asking or forcing someone to have a medical procedure is against all laws, the constitution, and especially our true Natural Law.

Within any kind of company, go to whomever you answer to within the business hierarchy – and just ask for a chat to voice your concerns and they have to listen.
When you get to talk to someone, start with, “I’ve got a concern. You said that if I don’t get this vaccine I cannot continue to work here. That sounds a bit unfair to me. So, is this coming from you or from someone higher up?”. You need to ascertain who to speak to, so you do not waste your time with the wrong person.

Then, when you speak with the right person, you voice your concerns in a calm way. The best way to go about this is to ask questions. Do not make statements.
For example, “Are you asking me to get a vaccine, or are you asking me to get an mRNA-altering experimental drug?”, “Also, it’s my understanding that I cannot be forced to take a medical procedure, and this is a medical procedure, is it not?”, “Do I not have rights when it comes to medical procedures?”, “Is there any case where someone can force another human being to undergo a medical procedure, especially an employee in a company?” You always want to ask these kinds of questions to get them to admit that they are in the wrong, rather than to do statements and “tell them right out how it is”. It’s the same way when a police officer asks you anything, which we will cover later.

And if they try to play hardball, you can say, “If you want to fine me or terminate my employment for not getting a medical procedure, wouldn’t that constitute discrimination?” Now, discrimination is one of the biggest traps in this day and age, and you want to steer them towards that if they can’t admit that they’re in the wrong. Then you say, “Look, it would not be my intention, but if I were to lose my job unfairly, obviously I would have to file an unfair dismissal case and a discrimination case against you – my boss that I’ve known for such a long time (make it personal)”.

If it continues, you can add, “If you would fine me or fire me for this, would you be liable for any damages that comes to me?”. So, what could happen as a result of getting fired? What is really common? Suicide, ruining your livelihood, financial hardships, and so on. Just count anything that comes to mind and ask if that person will be liable for it.

And if it goes that far, you need to learn how to write an official complaint and then a notice of intent to sue, and that notice should be to the person you talked with. Writing notices is a small book in itself but it’s worth the research! There are also people who can help you with this if you look around.

There has been several cases where people were fired for not taking the “vaccine”, but they all got their jobs back after they filed a notice to sue.

And remember, if you get into this situation you need to practice what to say and how to present it. You need to read more about our Natural Law than this little post. This post is only a teaser to show how it works, how you can go about it, and what is possible. It’s just something to get you going in the right direction.

In the next part, we’ll talk about police officers and how to handle yourself against fraudulent laws of face diapers, illegal fines, and other bullocks they may threaten you with.

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