PSY-OP: Australian Covid-19 Vaccine Recalled After Triggering False Positive for HIV – Story Resurfaces After a Year by Shills

Remember Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the FAKE HIV, who died at 89? That was reported on February 10, just days after stories about a new ‘HIV Strain” that allegedly would develop AIDS twice as fast. Now, this story by Channel 7 News is actually from December 11, 2020. It’s very old, still some shills on Twitter brought it up as it would be breaking news – simply because it fits with the current HIV ritual and agenda.

The video from December 11, 2020 used in the tweets:

There are no viruses, there are no contagion in nature. HIV and Aids does not exist. Covid does not exist. Vaccines are totally useless and dangerous, given to people for things that does not exist. They are all profitable lies serving a bigger agenda. However, these ‘breaking stories’ are used to keep these lies alive, and it’s all a ritual to them, hence the death of Luc, the previous reports of a new ‘HIV strain,’ and now the re-birth of this old vaccine recall.

And the effect they want is very noticeable on Twitter and other social media.

Just look at the shill and disinformation agent ‘Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News,’ going full retard with a video that is 1 year and 3 months old – and HighImpactFlix gulping it all up. And all those diet-woke anti-vaccine followers are laughing at this and at the same time arguing whether they got HIV or not from the vaccine.

NO! There is no HIV. You just got tricked by yet another psy-op from your beloved controlled opposition. Wake up people!

Remember from my last decode on Luc that vaccine and HIV share the same gematria? And that Coronavirus was made up in 1968, the same year they lied about discovering HIV?

Vaccine = 42
HIV = 42
And notice that the shill Erin Elizabeth posted this on February 11, the 42nd day of the year.

This is why they continue with this HIV nonsense. It’s one of their current rituals and agendas, and the chills and controlled opposition you follow serves it all on a platter.

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