This Week at Ungovernable

A few gleanings from the past week and the most popular posts at our Uncensored Community Ungovernable.

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Forum Topics, information, and discussions:

  • New Controlled Opposition Group: “Awakening the People”
  • More names on the Shill, Disinformation Agents, and Controlled Opposition list.
  • A look at the Hail Satan Film, satanism, a one world religion, and the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi.
  • A look at Disney and the number 113.
  • More on the 42- and 30-rituals.
  • Air Drones and Surveillance technology from 2017 and forward.
  • PCR Nose Swab and the Brain – Studies on interaction with Graphene Oxide.
  • The Cambridge University study on face diaper hacks.
  • The extreme importance of nutrition and pregnancy.
  • The Fuellmich Clown Theatre.
  • Discussions on water and salt and the extreme overconsumption of it.
  • More on the Psy-OP Trucker Fr33dom Convoy.
  • More on the HIV and AIDS hoax.
  • The 8th-graders pizza toppings sexual school project.
  • Hydroxychloroquine, the toxic and deadly trojan horse among diet-woke fools.

And much, much more! Join us today!

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