The Infant/Baby Formula Propaganda and Programming

I guess most people have seen the headlines during the few last weeks about a shortage of infant/baby formula – and the ritual of Germany sending 35 tons to the US this last Sunday. This shortage is fabricated and the reason behind this is the ongoing agenda to weaken our population and make it dependent on their fake ‘modern medicine’ and pharmaceuticals. If you understand anything about biology and physiology, this is very logical and easy to understand.

There is only one bioavailable source of our species-appropriate, species-specific nutrition and that is the flesh and the produce of animals; such as meat, organ meats, bone marrow, blood, eggs and raw milk. For babies and infants, this is their mother’s milk and as soon as they can chew, its small cuts of meat and organ meats as a complement and as a long-term transition into their species appropriate diet. There is a reason why all indigenous tribes that has been observed and documented to breast feed their children for 3 up to 6 years! It’s because it’s the best available nutrition that guarantees that the infant will develop fully and grow to its maximum potential – something that is impossible if the infant develops nutrition deficiencies due to a subpar diet.

And this is where the sinister baby and infant formula comes in. A catastrophic failure of a “substitute,” totally void of nutrition and packed with harmful chemicals. They add chemical forms of vitamins that the body cannot recognize and have a very hard time to convert into something useful. It lacks all the cofactors, the correct saturated fats and other compounds vital for a child’s development.

Now, some NPC’s will say in defense that there are mothers who have a hard time producing milk and need the formula. Well, little genius, why do you think that is? Why do you think all women in native tribes can breast feed for up to 6 years? Why was this never an issue before the food industrial revolution and Big Pharma? Because its simple biology. EVERY woman who has given birth to a child will produce milk if healthy, that is biologically coded into every living being for the species survival! There is no exemption from biology unless there is something seriously wrong. If a woman fails to produce milk, it’s because her diet and lifestyle is atrocious – and that at a time where her health is the most important thing for the development of that baby. During and after a pregnancy it’s more important than ever to consume a nutrient-rich animal-based diet to guarantee a healthy and fully developed child. This should be a no-brainer. If a mother can’t produce milk, it’s because she is malnourished. Eat some meat and organ meats and the milk production will kick back into high gear and the baby will be able to consume what is natural instead of a chemical toxic infant formula that will harm that baby for life. The same is true for any baby food based on fruit, vegetables or any other plant-based toxic crap. If you do not feed meat and animal-products to your child, you are hampering your child’s development and it will cause irreversible damage.

So, yes. This shortage of baby and infant formula is to put fear into the sleeping masses and fool them into believing that infant formula is extremely important and the best way to feed your child. It’s propaganda and programming at its finest.
Create a shortage, hype it up, and even more of the sheep will want it for their children – children that will be hampered in their cognitive and bodily development.

Here’s another idea. How about educating parents in nutrition and how to look after their health, and their child’s health?
Oh wait, that would produce strong, intelligent and independent men and women, and we can’t have that.
It’s better to poison them and cause nutrition deficiencies at the child’s most crucial years of development. To fool parents into making irreversible damage to their own children by feeding them formulas and plant-based crap totally void of nutrition and full of toxins. Thus, making these children dependent on “health care” as they grow up to be slaves to the system.

Sorry if I hurt your little feelings, but this is reality and I do not waste time sugar coating things. I tell it like it is.

Below is one of my articles from 2017 on pregnancy, the importance of nutrition and the development of a fetus into a child and the first crucial years after birth. This and much more are available on our uncensored platform, where you are welcome to discuss, get help and ask any questions on any topic.

Article also available here if you have difficulties with Adobe PDF:

Starting or Expanding Your Family – How nutrition and toxins influence your child

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