Staged Attack on US Capitol

56-seconds Body Cam Footage from the Staged US Capitol Attack

This has to be the worst and most pathetic footage of a staged event and attack I’ve seen in a long time. They do need better crisis actors. And listen to that dweeb of an CNN reporter repeating “brutal” and “pipe” over and over again. Brutal? It’s bad acting. Give me a break, you morons.
Let’s make this a short breakdown using their language of choice, Gematria.

This “video” was released on a Thursday.
Thursday: 46, 35, 116
Pipe: 46
56-second: 35
Deceive: 35
Divide: 35
US Capitol: 35, 116
The Roman Catholic Church: 116

56-second tape: 62
Pipe: 62

Yes, you got your ‘pipe’ and your ‘56-second’ footage in there, as well as the reasons for the staged attack – to deceive and divide, and who was behind it.
Why exactly a 56-second video/footage? Remember my post about the importance of ‘56’ starting in 2020?

Staged: 56
Attack: 56
Civil War: 56
Washington D.C.: 56
Masonic Ritual: 56
Scripted News: 56
Society of Jesus: 56

Remember, the ‘Civil War’ (56) was a big part of the staged symbolism during that staged attack on Capitol Hill. Also, the ‘assaulter’ is allegedly named Thomas Webster…

Civil War: 97, 43, 56
Webster: 97, 43
Brutal: 43
Attack: 43, 56

According to the story, the ‘pipe’ was a ‘flagpole.’

Flagpole: 74
Brutal: 74

See, it all ties together – the Civil War theme, Webster and his attack with a flagpole, and even the silly ‘brutal’ comments made by the dweeb during the video.

This story broke on June 17, 2021.
6/17/21 = 6+17+21 = 44
January 6 attack: 44

6/17/2021 = 6+17+20+21 = 64
January Sixth Attack: 64
Police State: 64

The headline reads as:
“Justice Department releases harrowing new bodycam footage from January 6 attack”

Harrowing: 113
56-second tape: 113
56-second: 113

Bodycam: 63, 126
56-second video: 63, 126
Capitol Hill: 63

And some important keywords about the alleged ‘pipe-man’ Thomas Webster, an allegedly former marine and retired police officer who is now apparently facing ‘seven federal crimes’:

Thomas Webster: 51, 183
Assault: 51
Seven Federal Crimes: 183

Former Marine: 189
January 6 Assault: 189
Freemasonic: 189

Retired Police Officer: 201
January 6 Assault: 201
Deceptive News: 201
Fabricated: 201
The Jesuit Order: 201

They always claim that these violent vigilantes are retired or former military, marines or police officers – to make them sound more dangerous. Of course, it’s all fabricated and scripted by the Jesuit Order to cause division between the left and the right, between Democrats and Republicans. And the hilarious thing is that they are both different wings of the same bird. They are all controlled by the same people, only giving you the illusion of choice – and to keep you occupied with their games. The world is a stage and everything you see in “the news” are theatre. If you’re still sleeping, it’s time to wake up.

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