The Dubai Deluge – Cloud Seeding Weather Warfare

By request, I’ll cover the flooding of Dubai — the heaviest rainfall recorded in 75 years in the United Arab Emirates according to their government.
While some news media blamed ‘cloud seeding’ gone wrong, a practice frequently used in the dry Emirates, the “liberal” outlets, such as CNN, immediately put together articles blaming “human-driven climate change,” which more correctly should be called ‘human-driven propaganda.’
Well, at least they now openly admit that cloud-seeding and weather control is a thing.

Now, we have known that cloud-seeding and weather control is real for decades. The first recorded event was in August 15, 1952, on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, when the RAF Rainmakers used cloud seeding during an experiment and triggered a torrent that caused the flooding of Lynmouth village in Devon, England, killing 35 people and pretty much wiped Lynmouth off the map.

Then we had JFK’s speech on September 25, 1961 where he mentioned the advancements and the future of weather control, which was followed by the 36th president, Lyndon B. Johnson who signed an agreement with the Soviet Union for the exchange of Weather Control Information. On October 25, 1964, Lyndon announced that the agreement had been made, and that this was a good step forward in building the “World Weather System” at “Holy Cross College,” which is a Jesuit school.
And in every weather control, weather warfare event, we have seen the Jesuit Order being heavily coded within the script.

So, as always, this flood in Dubai was pure ritualistic weather warfare, it was man-made, and it was all scripted and carried out by the numbers, as they always do it.

It happened in the United Arab Emirates and the state-run WAM news agency, as reported by Fox News, called it “a historic weather event.” And while the rain began on Monday night, it rained all through Tuesday, and by Tuesday night more than 142mm of rain had soaked the city, the most recorded in 75 years.
The Jesuit Order was established on August 15, the same date the village of Lynmouth was flooded in 1952. This Tuesday of Dubai flooding on April 16 came 121 days before the anniversary of the Jesuit Order and the flooding of Lynmouth.

A Historic Weather Event = 121
United Arab Emirates = 121

The rain began on April 15, a span of 35 weeks after the last anniversary of the Catholic Jesuit Order and the 1952 flooding, if counting the end-date. And it continued for most of April 16, the day that came 35 weeks after the anniversary. 35 is a number connected to both flooding and Dubai, as well as the weather. And again, they claim that it rained a total of ‘142mm.’

Dubai = 35
Flooding = 35
142 mm = 35
Weather = 35
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
Jesuitism = 35

While the Jesuit Order was founded on August 15, 1534, it was recognized and established as a religious order by Pope Paul III on September 27, 1540 – the second most important date tied to the Jesuits.

Again, the rainfall began on Monday night, April 15, which just happened to be a perfect Jesuit 201-days after their establishing date of September 27 – and also the number of weather control. What a surprise, eh?

The Jesuit Order = 201
Weather Control = 201
The Freemasonic Order = 201
The World Powers = 201
Saturn Worship = 201 (they worship the black sun, Saturn, Satan)
Ignatius of Loyola = 201 (the founder of the Jesuit Order)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 (the real name of the Jesuit Pope Francis)
Domus Sanctae Marthae = 201 (where Pope Francis lived in suite 201)

That also means that April 15 was 165 days before the next anniversary of the Jesuit Order’s establishment.

Record Rain = 165

And speaking of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known as Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope on the world stage, his birthday is December 17, and the rain began on his 121st day of his age, and it lasted until April 16, 121 days after the pope’s birthday. Remember 121 was the number of days until the Jesuit Order’s birthday, and also the number of days after the Pope’s birthday. Perfectly coded.

A Historic Weather Event = 121
United Arab Emirates = 121

Counting forward, the rain started on April 15, exactly 8 months and 2 days, like 82, before Pope Francis’ next December 17 birthday. Yet another number associated with weather warfare and flooding.

Weather Warfare = 82
Flooding = 82

Of course, 8 months and 2 days is the same as 246 days.

Catholic Church = 246

The Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuit Order is Arturo Sosa, and he was born on November 12. April 15 came at a span on 22 weeks and 2 days, like 222, after Sosa’s birthday, which also means that April 16 was 22 weeks and 2 days after Sosa’s birthday. And this was all about the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates = 222

Of course, 222 is also relevant to the ongoing Book of Revelation script with Barack Obama returning as the Antichrist after Donald Trump has become the Seventh King. With that said, I will leave that to Joseph Acquaviva and his decode at the end of this article.

A lot of the media reports called the United Arab Emirates a “desert nation” and they focused on the Dubai Airport. Fox News pretended to quote a man describing the situation as “absolute carnage.” How ridiculous scripted.

Absolute Carnage = 144, 54, 63, 137, 864
Desert Nation = 144, 54, 63, 137, 864
Jesuit Order = 144, 54, 63, 137, 864

While all these scripted, staged, and man-made events are done in honor of the Jesuit Order, they are carried out by the Freemasons within the military, the government, and other agencies. As you know, the most important number in Freemasonry and their staged events is ’33,’ and that takes us back to the fabricated amount of rain they claimed had fallen, that of “142mm” or “5.59in,” the only numbers within the two systems that align to ’33.’
Also, remember the 121 days decoded twice with the Jesuit Order and the Pope’s birthday? Well, since this is a leap year, the both 121 days is the same as 3 months and 30 days, like 33.

142mm = 33
5.59in = 33
Bonesmen = 33 (what members of Skull and Bones Freemasonry are called)
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

The rainfall began on April 15, the 106th day of the year. Some media outlets blamed “cloud-seeding operations,” while other leaned toward the usual “natural disaster” narrative.

Cloud-Seeding Operations = 106
Natural Disaster = 106

Also, several media outlets called the event the “Dubai Deluge” – and we already know that it was caused by ‘cloud-seeding,’ as in weather control/warfare.

Dubai Deluge = 206, 62, 62, 187, 52, 1236
Cloud Seeding = 206, 62, 62, 187, 52, 1236

And remember, the UAE’s own government claimed that it was the heaviest rainfall in 75 years.

Weather Control = 75
Catholic Church = 75
The World Powers = 75
Order Out of Chaos = 75
New World Order = 75
Ignatius of Loyola = 75

And with that, my time is up for this morning. For more on this, and the connection to the Antichrist script, check Joseph Acquaviva’s video decode below.

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