18-year-old to go to Fake Space in Satanic Ritual with Jeff Bezos

I recently covered one of the silliest staged flights since the extremely bad moon landing hoax by Nasa in ’69 using tinfoil and papier-mâché – the “Virgin” flight to Space with Richard Branson on July 11.
I bet that this flight will be just as hilarious. To start, the background story is that a “mystery bidder” paid $28 million to travel to “the edge of space” with Bezos. However, due to a “scheduling conflict”, this person backed out. Yeah, sure, if space was real, imagine having something more important to do than this.
Only that background story should have people go, “hmm, what?” But no, the sheeple still thinks it’s real.

Now, instead of this “mystery bidder”, an 18-year-old kid (6+6+6=18, as in’666′) will take the seat instead. This young man is Oliver Daemen – scary close to be confused with Daemon, you know, the alternative spelling of Demon…
Oliver Daemen: 123
Outer Space: 123

Daemon, uh, sorry, Daemen is from Holland.
Holland: 123

Could never have guessed that, uh?

The launch will be on July 20. 7/20/21 = 7+20+2+1 = 30
Daemen: 30

Or written as 7/20/21 = 7+20+21 = 48
Oliver Daemen: 48 (Chaldean), 60
Space Odyssey: 48, 60

Very nice tribute to Arthur C Clarke’s Space Odyssey coded into his name as well.

Oliver Daemen is also ‘66’ in Reverse Full Reduction, you know, short for the “Number of the Beast”.
Number of the Beast: 66 (Full Reduction)
And being 18-years old? 18 can be written as “6+6+6.”
Perhaps he does spell it, “Daemon”?

Daemen: 24 (Full Reduction)
Demon: 24 (Full Reduction)

Yes, his fictional name of “Daemen” is a play on the word “Demon”. I think we have discovered the theme for this story and the satanic ritual that it is.

On July 20, it is the 201st day of the year.
Oliver Daemen: 201
Fabricated: 201
Six Sixty-Six: 201
Saturn Worship: 201
The Jesuit Order: 201

And we know that the gematria of the phrase “Six Sixty-Six” (as in 666) is very important to the little Satanist Jeff Bezos, as he will be 57 years, 6 months, and 9 days old on the launch date. That is 57 and 6+9 = 57, 69
Six Sixty-Six: 57, 69 (in Full Reduction and Reverse Reduction)

Actually, it is really fitting, as this phony launch is a tribute to the Moon as well. This fake CGI show will take place on July 20, the anniversary of the fake Moon landing shoveled down our throats by Nasa. And it will clearly be a satanic ritual paying tribute to the moon landing and Clarke’s Space Odyssey, as we will decode further.
Note the following connection:
Arthur C Clarke: 139, 58
Cube Worship: 139, 58

Cube worship, or ‘Saturn worship’ goes back to Babylon, it’s what they based Satan on in Christianity. So, coding Clarke’s most famous work, “Space Odyssey” into this story is as much a tribute to Saturn as it is to Clarke. And ‘Saturn Worship’ was coded into ‘Oliver Daemen.’ Let’s continue on this satanic ritual path…

Black Cube of Saturn
Hexagon or three-dimensional cube

Fake Moon Landing: 666 (Satanic)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: 666 (Reverse Ordinal)


Jeffrey Preston Bezos: 96
Six Sixty-Six: 96
And Jeffrey Preston Bezos is also ‘69’ in Reverse Full Reduction, the reflection of ‘96.’

Bezos was born on January 12, as in 1/12 = 112. His flight will be aboard the “Blue Origin”.
Blue Origin: 112

The CNN article reads as:
“The mystery bidder who put up a whopping $28 million for an 11-minute joy ride to the edge of space alongside Jeff Bezos will not make the trip”

“11-minute joy ride”: 71
2001: A Space Odyssey: 71

“to the edge of space”: 71
2001: A Space Odyssey: 71

Wow, coded much?  And also…

11-minute joy ride: 77
Moon Landing Hoax: 77
Blue Origin: 77
Jeff Bezos: 77

This is yet another perfect example of how the majority of all stories are fabricated, staged and scripted by gematria and the numbers. The few stories that actually are reported on and true, are still coded and twisted to fit their agenda. Most people with an inquisitive mind and some common sense should be able to see through all these stories, and with the help of gematria you can see what really is going on.

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