Space Junk to Validate and Mock Your Intelligence about Non-Existent Satellites and Fake Rocket Launches

Over the last couple of months, there have been several reports and ‘news articles’ of “space junk,” as in staged silly props, being found on people’s land across the Snowy Mountains area in Australia. Space junk is the new ‘crop circles (cc),’ a hoax – staged to keep lies alive while mocking the intelligence of people. One story that got a few headlines was about ‘SpaceX debris’ that allegedly smashed into a sheep farm. Yes, the dumbed down sheeple will surely believe that cutting edge reporting. The most recent, and apparently the fourth report, was plastered all over Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) front pages on August 23, and it told a story of more alleged ‘SpaceX space junk’ being discovered on August 13 on a cattle farm.

Below is the news video segment from that story. It’s only 1.44 minutes (as in the gematria of ‘Jesuit Order) of crisis actors reading their scripts, and if you are awake and attentive, you’ll have a good laugh watching it. My observations and conclusion will follow.

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So, they go through all the trouble to send out reporters and a film crew to a farm in the NSW Snowy Mountains to professionally reenact this alleged discovery with this farmer coming across some “space junk” while spreading out hay to feed his cattle. That would be quite the commitment and undertaking if this was just some simple farmer without any media- and camera training. Instead, he fits the part and really know how to act, and the first thing he mentions, to make it sound credible, was that he was feeding the cows at 11 a.m. Mentioning details like the time is important, especially since the script is coded and ‘11’ being the first master number in Freemasonry. That little hint tells us that he is a crisis actor, a government paid actor.

As the reenactment continues, the camera man is on his knees, getting a perfect frame of the alleged space junk and the farmer getting out of his tractor. Again, a lot of effort. Also notice that the ‘space junk’ hardly bends the grass. No sign of impact from an object falling and crashing at a high speed whatsoever, still we have had stories in the past of small objects getting loose and falling from airplanes that demolished houses…
This is actually a theme with all the four alleged discoveries. None of the photos or video footage shows any sign of impact. It’s like they just took some prop garbage and put it gently down on the ground before reporting on it. Oh wait, that is actually exactly what they did. Actually, this is so much effort for such a small piece of alarmist-news that the whole set might just be a green screen and filmed at their studios. That is how fake it all seems.

Then the actor says, with bubbling laughter, that they “googled it.” Yeah, sure. I bet that Nasa and SpaceX have online catalogues of all their parts and their serial numbers available – and a hotline for reporting missing space junk. Actually, when I googled “41/t1 53025-50” I got no matches at all, same for only “41/T1.” And when googling only “53025-50,” I got a hit for a frickin’ face mask.
That famer must be some skilled ‘googler,’ or they just made it up to mock us.

In the next segment they brought out this Noah-archetype in Dr. Brad Tucker, an alleged astrophysicist and cosmologist, which we will get to. This actor then goes on to explain why this cardboard his is holding up, that seems almost weightless, is not that burnt, with the very credible and scientific conclusion that, “and the rest of it would have been scorched just depending on the angle and stuff like that.” Yeah, a lot depends on ‘stuff like that,’ whatever that is. Totally credible!
To be honest, that looks like a cardboard that they burnt a little on the edge using a blowtorch. A simple and mocking prop that took them less than 10 minutes to set up.

Now, when I mentioned the “Noah-archetype,” what I mean is how they present this super-geek of a fake scientist. You know, the anxiety ridden, panic-attack prone, super-geek scientist, that we have been programmed with in science fiction movies such as ‘Don’t Look Up,’ ‘Moonfall,’ and many others. The scientist that is fat and pale, has a rough beard, glasses, and long hair tied up in a man-bun or pony tail – the alarmist that nobody believes, just as Noah.
And both of these “scientist” portrayed in these movies has to take medication because of their anxiety, to take pills for their agoraphobia of the sky falling in.
Actually, if you look at the chubby and puffy anxiety-ridden role that Leonardo DiCaprio plays in ‘Don’t Look Up’ (2021,) this alleged astrophysicist in this story is his mirror image. He even looks like the nerd from the extremely shitty ‘Moonfall’ too. That is how programming works, and that is how they love to mock us!

Then the farmer finishes with saying that he might consider trading his cowboy hat for a helmet and that they haven’t slept for a week due to being worried about space junk hitting their house, as he giggles and laugh it off. Yeah, it’s tough to stay serious when it’s all an act about something as silly as space junk falling from the heavens without making a dent on the grass.
Now, that helmet pun has been in all of these ‘space junk’ stories and is a metaphor for replacing the sheepish face mask. That’s probably why my google attempt gave me a match with a face mask. They just play and mock us. Put on a helmet, and while you’re at it, put that face diaper back on too.

What’s you’re take on it? Are these stories just random to keep the space lie going? To validate all the CGI from SpaceX as real? Will these stories die out for a while as everything they do, and then come back a few years later with the same purpose? Or will this be the new trend among the sheep, wearing helmets in 2023? Let us know at our uncensored community over at

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