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EVIL PROPAGANDA! They LIE to you! Fake News Claiming 5-year-old Died of Imaginary Covid

Another extremely evil and sinister propaganda piece from the Jesuit-owned media to instill fear and trigger emotions among those lacking in the brain department.
And among the fabricated lies, a couple of headlines reads as, “Five-year-old Georgia boy with no underlying health issues dies of Covid”.
This is very important, because they are always watching and reading social media trends and what people are talking about. So far, most of those still trapped in the lie believe that most people who die of the fake virus are weak people with underlying causes. Now, they step up their game, their lie, with predictive programming about young people dying without any previous health issues. This is what they will push in the shitstream lame media in the months to come. Be prepared for emotion-triggered lies, especially around children and teenagers. You will see more headlines like these!

As for this story being so fake a five-year-old would actually recognize all the lies, we only need a tiny bit of common sense and knowledge about biology. There is no such thing as a contagious virus. It’s all a lie. And as a bonus, I will show you how this story was fabricated using their language of choice, gematria.

This story is packed with trigger words, how he was “nothing but pure love” (isn’t all kids?), how he lived on a farm with all the fluffy animals, and on it goes. Extremely fabricated to trigger all emotional buttons.

Now, all you should need to know is that they gave this fabricated boy the name, “Wyatt Gibson”
Wyatt Gibson: 155, 142, 540 (Satanic), 930 (Sumerian), 151 (Jew Ord)
Coronavirus: 155, 142, 540 (Satanic), 930 (Sumerian), 151 (Jew Ord)

Can it be any more obvious? Matches on several ciphers in a 11-character long name, that is a combination of 2611 letters. And it matches with ‘Coronavirus’, which they claim he died of. Odds for that match occurring normally are astronomical (3 670 344 486 987 776 possible combinations of letters).

Gibson is also ‘66’ (Number of the Beast) in Ordinal and the Freemasonic ‘33’ in Reverse Full Reduction. Very clever.

And also…
Wyatt Gibson: 155, 47, 142, 61
Very Sad News: 155, 47, 142, 61
Forever Lost: 155,142, 61
Adenovirus: 47, 142, 61

Headline reads:
“Georgia family mourns ‘most loving, joyous’ 5-year-old boy who died from Covid-19”
Georgia family: 74
Five-year-old-boy: 74
Covid-19 Pandemic: 74
Graphene: 74
Parent: 74
Families: 74

And note that “Wyatt Gibson” is 47 in Full reduction, the reflection of 74, the GOD-number, making his name a mockery of God in this ritual. Also, “graphene” is back in the coding, the reason for the vaccine killing people, especially through heart problems – which we will get to in a bit… Also note that “parent” and “families” are matches of 74, the ones who are the target of this fabricated wicked story.

This story broke on July 22, 2021.
7/22/2021 = 7+22+20+21 = 70
Georgia Family: 70
Five-year-old-boy: 70
Coronavirus: 70
A Viral Psy-Ops: 70
Planned Virus: 70
Fake Virus Outbreak: 70
Fear Controls: 70

Again, what it is all about. A fabricated event to support the fake virus outbreak and used as a weapon, because FEAR controls!

5-year-old boy: 54
Wyatt Gibson: 540 = 54 (Satanic)
Coronavirus: 540 = 54 (Satanic)

“A family in Georgia is mourning after a 5-year-old boy — described as someone who had “nothing but pure love” — died just days after being diagnosed with Covid-19.”

Georgia family mourns: 102
diagnosed with Covid-19: 102

Five-year-old-boy: 106
Died just days after: 106

Nothing but pure love: 91, 89
Deception: 91
Psy-Op: 91
The Society of Jesus: 91
Vaccine Hesitancy: 91
Virus: 89

Nothing but pure love: 134
Crisis Actor: 134

They coded the underlaying message into the phrase, “nothing but pure love”, i.e., that it is a psychological operation, a deception, playing on fear and feelings to target parents who are “vaccine hesitant”.
And they even managed to get a match on “Crisis Actor”, which is what the family actually are – actors, hired to play a part of this story.

The boy allegedly died on July 16, 2021.
7/16/2021 = 7+1+6+2+0+2+1 = 19, as in Covid-19
7/16/2021 = 7+1+6+20+21 = 55
5-year-old-boy: 55
It is fake: 55
Lie: 55
Manipulation: 55

7/16/2021 = 7+16+20+21 = 64
Covid Pandemic: 64

July 16 is also important as every month has a “kill date”, one day that adds up to 44, 64, and 28.
7/16/2021 =7+16+21 = 44
7/16/2021 = 7+16+20+21 = 64
7/16/2021 = 7+16+2+0+2+1 = 28
Kill: 44, 64, 28

Article continues:
“Wyatt Gibson suffered a stroke and died on July 16 in a Chattanooga, Tennessee…”
Note that they claim he died of a “stroke”, something that has never been associated with Covid until now, after the vaccines have killed millions of people due to heart and cardiovascular complications – something they try to blame on new imaginary variants.

Wyatt: 17, 28
Kill: 17, 28
Covid: 28

Wyatt Gibson: 47
July 16: 47
Tennessee: 47

Tennessee: 106
Five-year-old boy: 106

Tennessee: 137
Died from Covid-19: 137

Chattanooga: 105, 192, 57, 42
July Sixteenth: 105, 192, 57
Mourning: 105, 42
Parents: 42
5-year-old: 42

They claimed he died in Chattanooga on July Sixteenth, a match on three out of four ciphers. It also matches with mourning parents over a 5-year-old…

And July 16 was a Friday.
Friday: 63, 36
Covid-19: 63, 36

And guess what the coordinates for Chattanooga, Tennessee are?
35.0456 North and 85.3097 West, i.e., 35/85.
It is Fake: 35
5-year-old: 85

Article also mentions this:
“The family said they noticed that Wyatt’s tongue was white on July 12, and rushed him to their local emergency room”
July 12: 17, 71, 25
Wyatt: 17
Tongue was white: 71
Stroke: 25

Tongue was white: 64
A stroke: 64

Tongue: 28, 26
Wyatt: 28
A stroke: 26

Very neatly tied together.

And the actor playing his mum is called Alexis Gibson. And another actor, the “godmother” is called Amanda Summey.
Alexis Gibson: 55
5-year-old boy: 55
Amanda Summey: 550 = 55 (Satanic)

Alexis is first mentioned after the “white tongue” episode…
Alexis Gibson: 188, 71
Tongue was white: 188, 71
Most loving, joyous: 71

And why was a “godmother” interviewed to begin with?

Godmother: 105, 57
Chattanooga: 105, 57
July Sixteenth: 105, 57
Georgia Family Mourns: 105

Amanda Summey: 40
5-year-old: 40

Do I really need to go on any further? Even the most blind, delusional, and sleeping little sheep should see the connections by now, the coding that is purely impossible to occur naturally without scripting the story. Do not fall for such obvious propaganda. This is pure evil – trying to play on parent’s fear and emotions to get them to vaccinate their kids with the deadly poison, destroying the young lives forever.

Addition… From Anthony Davison:

“Gibson” and “Corona” are an exact match in 4/4 base ciphers

F2FT user Scopephilly checked out the mum and dad’s Facebook pages and they’ve really gone all out to make this look as legit as possible (I told him about DARPA Lifelog etc) The dad’s a cop (what else?) who once had a Templar Cross as his profile pic

The mother’s called Alexis=38 has 308 friends and the CBS article in the above tweet has 38 likes:
Stroke=38 (Obviously death etc=38)

From the date the mother “announced” Wyatt’s birth (9th feb 2016) to his date of death is 1984 days

From the date of their wedding 7th November 2014 to the death is exactly 349 weeks the 70th prime..

From the date of death to their upcoming anniversary is 3 months and 22 days

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