Propaganda Story says Thailand is building a Covid-19 hospital, but what is the real purpose?

Here you go! Yet another propaganda piece from the globalist scumbags, trying to put fear in your bones with all these fantasy virus variants that are killing people. No. There is no contagion. There is no virus. That is a BIOLOGICAL impossibility. Do not fall for the lie that is the Rockefeller sponsored Germ Theory and Western Medicine.
If people are getting sick and dying, it is from the experimental medical procedure they call Covid-19 VACCINES!
This is easy to verify, by just looking at death statistics for any country and line it up with the roll-out of each shot. I’ve already done this and proven the case. See this post:
Now, let’s break this piece of brainwashing down to its core, by using Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality to keep us oblivious to how the world really works and what is going on. Gematria is an ancient practice of coding language; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

This story broke, by no surprise, on a date with ‘56’ numerology.
July 28, 2021 = (7) + (28) + (21) =  56
Corona Virus: 56
Wuhan Corona: 56
Virus Outbreak: 56
I have a several posts about the number ‘56’, check them out!

The propaganda headline says:
“Thailand builds Covid-19 hospital in Bangkok airport amid surge in cases”

Surge in cases: 560 = 56 (Satanic), 56 (Septenary)

And, more importantly:
Covid Vaccine: 56
Vaccination Death: 56 (Chaldean)

So, from the date with ‘56’ numerology, and the match in the headline, we get the message, “Surge in Cases – Covid Vaccine”. But we already knew that, because we can see right through their bullsh*t.

Also, July 28, 2021 = (7) + (28) + (20) + (21) = 76
Surge in cases: 76
Corona Pandemic: 76
Staged Virus Outbreak: 76
Vaccine Death: 76

The phrase, “surge in cases” is obviously one of their strongest key words, as July 27 is also 40 in numerology, and “surge in cases” is also 40 in Chaldean.

July 28 also has a double ‘38’ numerology.
(7) + (28) + 2+1 = 38
7 + 2+8 + (21) = 38
Covid-19: 38

What a surprise, eh? A Covid-19 story on this date…

Story also says:
“The Southeast Asian nation reported a daily record of 16,533 new cases, plus 133 new deaths on Wednesday, bringing the total accumulated cases to 543,361 and 4,397 deaths.”

Ok, anyone with any kind of knowledge can see that these numbers are fabricated. “16,533” – there’s the ‘33’ at the end. Plus “133” new deaths, oh, another ‘33’. And a total of “543,361”, yeah, let’s just throw a ‘33’ in there in the middle to mock them some more.

Now, if you add up all these numbers, as following:
1+6+5+3+3+1+3+3+5+4+3+3+6+1+4+3+9+7, you get 70.

Covid Vaccine: 70
Covid-19 Vaccine: 70 (Jew Red)
Vaccine Kill: 70, 70
Vaccination Kills: 70 (Jew Red)
Biggest Outbreak: 70 (Septenary)
A Viral Psy-Op: 70
Fake Virus Outbreak: 70
Planned Virus: 70
Scamdemic: 70
Event 201: 70 (Jew Ord)
People Fooled: 70 (Chaldean)
Killing: 70 (Jew Ord)
Destroy Humans: 70
Zombie: 70
Fear Controls: 70

Quite the hidden message, and it all sums up. Truth in plain sight.

Note that they updated the story on July 29, 2021, at 03:27. 03:27 is 39.
July 29, 2021 = (7) + (29) + 2+1 = 39       
July 29, 2021 = 7 + 2+9 + (21) = 39

All for the numerology to fit… Also, and this is an hidden message to those who are vaccinated…
A Slave: 39
Slaves: 39
Transhuman: 39

Yes, that is what a Covid-19 vaccinated person is. It alters your DNA. You are no longer human, you are transhuman, a slave, with no human rights.

Also, on June 29, there is 155 days left in the year.
Vaccination Kill: 155
Vaccine Depopulation: 155

Story continues:
“This is a level 1+ field hospital where it can receive a large number of patients, who have less severe symptoms, Rienthong Nanna, director of Mongkutwattana Hospital, told Reuters. But if patients’ conditions deteriorate, they will be moved to our other field hospital called Pitak Rachan (Protect the King) Field Hospital, he added.”

Now for some keywords from the headline and first part of the article:

Thailand: 69, 48
Vaccination: 69, 48
Pitak Rachan: 69, 48
Cargo Warehouse: 69
Vaccination Deaths: 69
From the Shot: 69

Thailand: 33
Asia: 33
Pitak Rachan: 33 (Chaldean)
Vaccine Kill: 33 (Chaldean)

Thailand is a good match for Asia and especially for Vaccination, and so is “Pitak Rachan” (Protect the King), and that is why they were chosen for this. Let’s continue to see what matches with their “Covid-19 Hospital” that they allegedly started working on July 27…

Covid-19 Hospital: 169, 73
From Vaccination: 169, 73

From the Jab: 73
Rienthong Nanna: 73

Covid-19 Hospital: 82
July 27, 2021: 82

Vaccine Depopulation: 82 (Jew Red)
Mongkutwattana Hospital: 82 (Jew Red)

Truth in plain sight again. The date is a perfect match with “Covid-19 Hospital”, hence the story. And why build one? Yes, it’s needed for people getting sick… “From Vaccination”, or “From the Jab”. Let’s go on…

Bangkok Airport: 68
Don Muang Airport: 68 (Jew Red)
Amid Surge in Cases: 68
Covid-19 Patients: 68
Vaccination Death: 68
Depopulation by Vaccine: 68 (Septenary)
Inoculation Kills: 68 (Jew Red)

Surge in Cases: 140
From the Shot: 140 (Jew Ord)

Surge in Cases: 50, 76
Vaccine Death: 50, 76

Don Muang Airport: 84
Cargo Warehouse: 84
1,800-bed Field Hospital: 84
Surge in Cases: 840 = 84 (Eng Sumerian)
Vaccine Deaths: 84

Don Muang Airport: 186
Vaccination: 186

Field Hospital: 64
From the Jab: 64
Vaccine Depopulation: 64 (Septenary)
Inoculation Death: 64 (Jew Red)

1,800-bed field hospital: 87 (Jew Red)
Covid-19 Patients: 87
Vaccine Depopulation: 870 = 87 (Satanic)

Level 1+ Field Hospital: 85
Bangkok Airport: 85

Level 1+ Field Hospital: 97
Depopulation by Vaccine: 97
Vaccination Kill: 97

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. They built this field hospital at this place because it suited their Gematria and the narrative of the fake pandemic and the virus lie. The real reason however, is that this field hospital is for those getting sick from the vaccine (of which the majority will die).
This is why most countries are pile stocking coffins and body bags while building cold storage rooms for bodies and new crematoriums. Connect the dots.

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