July 28, 2021. Training and Fasting Update.

Photo from this morning at 77.0 kg body weight, after about 68 hours of fasting.

Yep, the fast lasted for only 69 hours or so. My head was in it, but not my body. Not in this already draining heat and the lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing for the last two months. Still, I do feel better after the fast and I have been improving at the gym all late spring and summer. We’ll get to that.

This time I added 3 grams of creatine monohydrate to my electrolyte water in the morning and evening. I simply boil a half glass of water, stir down the creatine until it’s clear, then add some ice cubes to bring the temperature down and drink it. This is important, since creatine monohydrate needs to be dissolved in hot water, or you’ll get undigestible crystals.
Sure, the creatine will add some ATP, some energy that is crucial for our cells. But it’s negligible, I still call it fasting. It’s nothing that affects autophagy. Also, it will help to keep the cells hydrated, just as electrolytes will.

Normally, I drop about 2.5 to 3.5kg or so in three days of fasting. About 0.4 kg of fat per day and the rest is water weight. This time, I only dropped 1.5 kg.
So, current body weight is at 77.0 kg (169.4 lbs.). It was at 78.5 kg (173 lbs.) before the fast.

The first day was easy. But my sleep was a mess, as it’s been most of the summer as my flat is constructed for cold weather and hold heat in the walls like a complete mot*er f**ker. It’s much warmer inside than outside, so yeah. Not good.

Second day was agony. My brain was speeded and I got a lot of work done, but my body felt weak and heavy, and my walks with my dogs was cut a bit short. And I do not like that. They need their time outside and the exercise. Whatever I do, should not affect them.

The third day, today, was better. Still only a few hours of sleep, but finally in deep ketosis and more energy. My body felt a bit better, still drained, but not as weak as the day before. I actually did a 35-minute press-oriented workout at the gym. I managed to get 130 kg for 4 reps per arm (260 kg total) in the chest press. Last week I got 135kg, or 270 kg (594 lbs.), for 5 reps. So, a slight decline of 10 kg and one repetition after almost three days without food and a weight-drop of 1.5 kg. Not too bad. But after that, my recovery was slow during the rest of the workout.

So, I decided to end the fast after my workout. And do another 3 days of fasting or so next week, while being strict carnivore in between. I have experimented with carbohydrates on and off most of the last 10 months or so, and it has had a very negative impact on my health and metabolic flexibility. Sure, I’ve gotten a lot stronger with minimal weight gain. But the weight I’ve put on has mostly been fat. Not quality weight as when I’m strictly carnivore. So, back to that. No more experimenting. Although, it’s a lot easier to get the energy you need when you play around a bit with carbohydrates.
Anyway, I broke the fast with a big spoon of fish roe followed by ground beef, some local chanterelles, a lot of butter and four eggs.

That is it for this time. I’ll write a new post next time I’m fasting, and that time I will enter the fast in deep ketosis and it will, hopefully, be a breeze.

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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