A Quick Look at the Fitness & Bodybuilding Pseudo/Bro-Science, Week 47

If you’re new to me and my website, I worked daily in the Fitness-, Bodybuilding-, Gym-, and Competitive Sports industry for almost 22-years with nutrition, supplementation, and training — and was involved in it for a total of more than 26 years. Most of that time, I too was trapped in the pseudo-science of “nutrition science” and was fooled by the synthetic toxic crap of the pharmaceutical and supplement industry. My outlook and understanding took a sharp turn as I became severely ill in late 2017 with several tumors, liver and kidney damage and my thyroid shutting down. In a last effort I turned it around in a matter of a few weeks by adopting our natural species appropriate diet of the raw flesh and fat of animals and by following up with regular water-fasting combined with days of dry fasting. You can read more about that here:

My Journey – Why I do what I do…

For week 47, let’s go back to ‘bodybuilding.com,’ one of the worst bro-science websites on the internet. Among the more recent articles, I found an entertaining piece called, “Fueling Your Body 24 Hours a Day,” written by some Easton Drake.

Only the title alone spells disaster, and if you know, you know. Yes, I’m referring to your body’s ability to detox, to get rid of all the crap that accumulates on a daily basis. It can only do so efficiently when in a fasted state, and preferable after at least 8 to 12 hours without food, which means that if you want to break your fast (have breakfast) at 7 a.m., you need to have your last meal no later than 5 p.m. or so, considering that it takes 2 to 5 hours to digest a meal, depending on its size and content, and you’re not in a fasted state until that is done.
So, yeah, the premise of “fueling your body 24 hours a day” is really retarded, that is a quick ticket to the grave.

Well, perhaps it was the editor who picked that title, screwing it all up. That happened to me a couple of times when I was a freelance writer for several magazines between 2006 and 2016, so let’s see what the article is really about.

Well, he starts by saying, and I quote, “When it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, or any fitness goal, it is important to make sure we are feeding and fueling our bodies with the correct nutrients 24 hours a day.
Ok, that’s where the retarded title comes from. The old bodybuilding dogma of eating all trough the day, and even going up during the night to have a shake (I personally know many who have done this.) Idiotic, and very damaging to your health.

He then goes on and presents “five key tips” to being “successful,” and I do put “successful” in quotes because the only thing you will be successful at is getting yourself sick from toxemia and cutting a bunch of years off from your life span. Personally, that is not how I define ‘success.’

And keep in mind that how you look on the outside has absolutely nothing to do with your health and your inside. That is especially true for bodybuilding and fitness athletes who rely a lot on drugs to keep lean and muscular.

1. Eat Frequently

Now, I have to give him some credit because he starts off with saying that you shouldn’t really consume 6-8 meals like bodybuilders do, but rather eat as frequently as you can within reason. His rationale is that it’s easier to stick to good food with smaller meals when thinking in terms of energy intake, as big meals tend to incorporate low quality junk foods. And that is actually good thinking. However, you still need to do that within an ‘eating window,’ because you need to give your body some time to detoxify and repair, and it cannot really do that while digestion takes place. While it can repair damaged muscle tissue and such, it cannot repair cells in the intestines or organs while they work with processing food stuffs, and the maintenance at a cellular level, as in autophagy, can only occur when in a fasted state.

However, there are other ways to do this if you are a big muscular and active man or woman, and really need a lot of food and just can’t get it all down within a window of only 6 to 8 hours a day. This ‘hack,’ that I used with a lot of my clients, is simply to eat ‘all through the day’ on the most important 4 to 5 workout-days a week, and then have one or two ‘maintenance’ day/days in between these days with a 6-hour eating window and/or one full day of fasting. That might not be ideal, but it will sustain your health for a lot longer than if you eat frequently and almost around the clock every day of the week.

An example of my approach for muscular freaks:

Day 1, workout, food between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Day 2, workout, food between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Day 3, workout, food between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Day 4, rest day, food between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Day 5, workout, food between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Day 6, workout, food between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Day 7, rest day, fasting or food between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

2. Carbs Are Good

NO! Now you went full retard pseudo-science bullshit on us. Carbohydrates are poison. The only people who might need some carbs to sustain their body weight are those who do manual labor 12 hours a day, or huge-ass muscular freaks with revving metabolisms (especially those relying on a shit-ton of drugs.) And in these cases, only consume refined carbohydrates (as clean and free of toxins and chemicals as possible) before and after exercise. The rest of the day, stick to high quality animal-based foods.

More on carbohydrates here:

Carbohydrates are NOT our body’s preferred fuel

3. Power Through With Protein

Yes, you need ample of protein. Not only if you try to build or sustain muscle mass, but also just to stay healthy. On a strict animal-based carnivore diet, high protein meals will put you out of ketosis for a short while, which is good. It keeps you ‘metabolically flexible,’ and it keeps your thyroid in tip-top shape. Although ketosis is our natural metabolic state, being in deep ketosis for years on end is not natural, nor is it good. In nature, we would have feasts with a lot of muscle meat (putting us out of ketosis,) and then have the scraps that are fattier and take more time to digest (letting us slip into ketosis again.) We would also have some berries or some minor plant foods now and then if we were down on our hunting or scavenging luck. While humans are carnivores, we do have the ability to extract and use carbohydrates, although it’s toxic, but it can keep us alive while searching and hunting for real food. That also means that we went in and out of ketosis several times a year – it’s natural.

4. Drink Up

Here he goes on about the importance of hydrating yourself. Again, this is only important if you consume a toxic diet, especially with fiber and carbs, and/or cook your food to oblivion. All animal-based food, especially raw, contains a lot of natural structural water – and also the correct amounts of electrolytes. When cooking, you lose some of the electrolytes and the water content, so yes, then you need to drink some extra water to compensate. However, in that case, you should also make sure you get some electrolytes. Because only drinking water will actually dehydrate you. So, get some extra sodium and potassium.

5. Stacking Supplements

NO! There is no need for supplements if you follow your species appropriate, species-specific diet. Only if you’re overly muscular, then there might be a need for a protein powder to fill your protein quota. That’s about it. Forget about supplementing vitamins as they are all fake chemical imitations that are extremely toxic. If you think you need more vitamins than what you get from meat, just consume one or two livers every month. That will be plenty. Remember, when you butcher an animal, there’s tons of muscle meat to consume, but only one liver and only two kidneys. In nature, that is all that you would get from one kill, and that would usually feed a whole family, or a small tribe.

There you have it, another quick review. Unfortunately, this Easton Drake didn’t do very well. He’s still caught up in pseudo-bro-science and the lies of Big Pharma and the Food Industry. Hopefully I corrected a few wrongs, helped you understand a few things better, and helped you to navigate all the bullshit.

See you again next week.

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