Today’s reality-check

“Star Trek” actor William Shatner, at age 90, will travel into “space” today on a Blue Origin flight alongside three others.
If you think this is real, you’re either brainwashed and gullible, or not that very smart. 90-years-old in a frikkin’ rocket that will accelerate many times faster than any fighter jet. Sure!

Yes, this post will ruffle some feathers, and it is meant to do just that. To get you to think and question your reality.

If you believe in the Freemasonic Flat Earth model with a sun 3300 miles away that is 33 miles in diameter, I’m sorry to say that you took the wrong turn in the rabbit hole. And keep in mind that the Flat Earth movement is full of controlled opposition.

If you believe in the Jesuit Big Bang, a Universe/Space with planets and/or that we live on a spinning ball, you have some serious digging and thinking to do. This is the biggest lie of them all.

The most reasonable scenario is that Earth is a realm, an enclosed system that most likely cannot be measured. It’s most probable a simulation of sorts and thus appearing flat. Although the AE map seems to work the best for how the sun and moon is circling above and for flight paths, we do not know the exact shape, scale or model. The globe is the most obvious of lies, but replacing it with another model that you cannot prove is like leaving one cult to join another.
What we can say for sure is that there is no outer space. No silly expanding universe with ball-shaped planets and countless stars. That is tales for small children constructed by priests of the Jesuit Order.

So, this story, just as the previous fairy-tales with SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ phallic rocket, and Richard Branson’s virgin, is obviously fake and staged in some basement using a green screen – pretty much as they do with all the silly and cringeworthy NASA space station stuff.

So, what does their numerology and gematria tell us?

The launch is set for October 13, 2021, the day leaving 79 days in the year.
Society of Jesus = 79 (the Jesuit Order writing the silly script)
New Shepard NS-18 = 79 (the alleged space craft)

October 13 = 10/13 = 113 (you remove the zeroes)
Captain Kirk = 113 (the Star Trek character played by William Shatner)
New Shepard = 113 (the alleged space craft)
Green Screen = 113 (what they use to put a 90-year-old Kirk in “space”)

113 is also known as the number of dishonesty, as I covered several times before. Very fitting for this story!

October 13 = 10/13/2021 = 10+13+2+0+2+1 = 28
Space = 28 (Reverse Full Reduction)
October 13 = 10/13/21 = 10+13+21 = 44
Space = 44 (English Ordinal)
Fitting numerology for a “space story”.

October 13 = 10/13 = 10+13 = 23
Age 90 = 23 (William Shatner is 90 years old)

Also, for synchronicity…

Green Screen = 59, 58
Blue Origin = 59, 58
Star Trek = 59
New Shepard = 58

William Shatner = 65
New Shepard NS-18 = 65 (they named it “NS-18” to fit Shatners’ name)

Outer Space = 57
Actor = 57 (only actors in imaginary “outer space”)

There’s more to this story, but this should be enough. Perhaps I will revisit it after they have landed, that is, simulated a landing from their basement…

Update, after the alleged “landing”…

Okay, they landed the little computer generated illusion and William Shatner said the following:

“Most profound experience I can imagine” = 175
“I hope I can maintain what I feel now” = 175

How cute to make a statement that matches in gematria.

And from the article…

William Shatner’s 90th birthday was on March 22 and this happened on October 13, exactly 205 days after his birthday.
“The most profound experience he could imagine” = 205

And the article had the phrase “the most profound experience” within quotation marks.
“The most profound experience” = 119, as in 11/9 or 9/11. How subtle.

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